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8 of the Best Father’s Day Presents He Will Actually Use

When Father’s Day rolls around, most people have the same question, ‘what should I get for my dad this year?’. It’s hard to find the perfect present, especially when you’ve already given your father tons of kitchenware, t-shirts, and aftershaves over the years. You want to get him something that stands out – something that he’ll actually use!

Stuck for ideas? If you want to give your dad a present that he’ll make the most of (rather than one that ends up in the back of a drawer), consider one of these eight gifts.

1. For the Outdoorsy Dad: The North Face – Men’s Skeena Sandals

Is your dad an outdoorsy type? Does he prefer to spend his weekends by the lake rather than in front of the TV? If so, give him the gift of comfort with these Men’s Skeena Sandals. It is a perfect gift for the upcoming summer months – they are practical for wet places such as the beach, lakes, and rivers due to their ability to dry quickly. Plus, they are durable and lightweight. It’s the kind of present that will get used time and time again. Your dad will love them!

The North Face Coupons: Men’s Skeena Sandals, $75

2. For the Active Dad: Outdoor Tech – Fitbit Versa 2

For the active dad that needs a little extra motivation, the Fitbit Versa 2 is an ideal gift. This Fitbit calculates sleep, heart rate, oxygen saturation, breathing, and more! Whatever your dad’s fitness goals are, he will achieve them much faster with this awesome device. Not only that, but Alexa is built-in, so he can speak to it throughout the day to set reminders. Whether sleeping, at the gym, or he’s busy at work, the Fitbit Versa 2 assists.

Buy it now: Fitbit Versa 2, $129.95

3. For the Handyman Dad: Leatherman – Custom Made Leatherman Surge Multitool

Is your dad the kind of man that likes a bit of DIY? Perhaps he’s known for building furniture and fixing machinery? If your dad loves to use his hands, the custom-made Leatherman surge multitool is a must-have.

An important part of any handyman’s collection, this multitool is compact and useful, so your dad can use it on the go. Whether he’s on vacation or out running errands, with this tool, he will always have a blade, bottle opener, or pair of pliers on hand. Plus, the customizable image makes it entirely his own!

Leatherman Sales: Custom Made Leatherman Surge Multitool, $139.95

4. For the Dad Looking to Chill: Selfridges – X Chair Executive Leather Adjustable Chair

For dads that like to spend time at their computers, the X Chair Executive Leather Adjustable Chair is an excellent choice for a Father’s Day present. This premium leather chair focuses on comfort and great posture with its easy recline and molded foam seat. If your dad often complains about back problems, this could be the solution.

This gift is a little on the expensive side, so team up with your siblings to give your dad the best Father’s Day present ever!

Buy it now X Chair Executive Leather Adjustable Chair, $1455

5. For the Techy Dad: Sears.com – The Microsoft Surface

Life is fast-moving, especially for the hard-working types. For techy dads that always seem to be on the go, choose The Microsoft Surface as the gift of choice. As a combination of a laptop and a tablet, your dad will get a lot of use out of it. He can use it while on the train, on the couch at home, or in a coffee shop during his lunch break. Plus, it’s not just versatile – it boasts excellent specs and has a battery life of ten hours. Even the techiest dads won’t have any complaints!

Sears.com Deals: The Microsoft Surface, $549.99

6. For the Stylish Dad: Life & Looks – King C Gillette Double Edge Razor & 5 Blades

Do you have a dad who likes to look good? Does he spend more time in the mirror than the average Joe? If so, give him the gift of good looks with this King C Gillette Double Edge Razor. It provides a smooth, easy shave that is sure to put a smile on your dad’s face.

Even if your dad is more of a quick-shave and then run out of the house type of guy, this razor is still an excellent gift. Its sharp blades ensure an easy shave that won’t tug at the skin. Whether he enjoys a full shave or he wants to meticulously shape his beard, this razor is perfect.

Life & Looks Promos: King C Gillette Double Edge Razor & 5 Blades, $14.80

7. For the BBQ Enthusiast: The Lakeside Collection – Set of 2 Magic Stone Grill Cleaners

For many dads, grilling is more than just a form of cooking – it is an art. The act of seasoning and hearing that sizzle is enough to make any dad smile with joy – especially if they also have a beer in hand! What about once everyone has eaten their fill, though? Grilling is the fun part. Cleaning? Not so much.

With this set of 2 magic stone grill cleaners, your dad won’t have to worry about a difficult clean-up session. This easy-to-use product removes all the food and grease build-up on the grill with just a couple of swipes, allowing more time for hanging out and relaxing post-meal. Your dad will certainly appreciate such a handy gift!

The Lakeside Collection Offers: Set of 2 Magic Stone Grill Cleaners, $9.99

8. For the Dad Always on the Go: Light in the Box – Drop-Resistant Mobile Phone Waterproof Case

Phones are one of the most expensive tech devices people own. Your dad likely cherishes his own and would probably feel lost if it broke! The problem is that phones are easy to break, especially for those who are always on the go.

The drop-resistant mobile phone waterproof case helps ensure people who live fast don’t have to worry about water damage or smashing the screen. Give it to your dad for Father’s Day, and rest assured that his phone stays safe throughout his adventures.

Father’s Day is a time to show appreciation to your dad, so do so by giving him a present that he will use time and time again. Whether he’s an adventurous type or prefers tinkering with electronics, you are sure to find an excellent gift idea on this list!

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