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How to Combine Target Photo Coupons

Target Photo is Target’s personalized photo service, where you can get various personalized and printing services handled at very affordable prices. 

  • Get your favorite pictures and memories printed on paper to display in albums or around the home. 
  • Get your favorite images printed on canvas, metal, or in large print. 
  • Get custom printed towels, blankets, and more. 

There is only one limitation to what you can print with Target Photo. Aside from inappropriate images, you cannot print items that are copyrighted. If you own the copyright or have permission, then a member of the Target Photo team will be in touch for the necessary release information. 

You can print artwork, photos of family and friends, and more. 

In the past, personalized gifts were always expensive, but you can now get custom gifts made without breaking the bank, thanks to on-demand printing. To help you get the biggest savings, we have put together a guide on how you can stack discounts and coupons at Target Photo. 

Can you stack coupons at Target Photo? 

No. You can usually not combine coupons with any other offer at Target Photo. Target Photo may allow exceptions. For example, if a special coupon or promotion allows you to take an additional discount, you could save more. Always check here for the latest coupons and promotions at Target Photo so that you know your full options. 

Also, see the full list of discounts and offers on Target Photo’s discounts and offers page. This will highlight all the sales and the discount codes you need to get the price discount. 

How do I add a coupon? 

It’s easy to add a coupon when shopping online at Target Photo. You will find a box to add the coupon or promo code on the checkout page. Enter this code, and the discount will be applied. As there is no Target Photo in-store kiosk, you cannot use the Target Photo coupons in-store. 

Why won’t my coupon work? 

There are many reasons why a coupon or promo code won’t work when shopping at Target Photo. 

  • The coupon you are trying to use has expired.
  • The coupon does not cover a product in your basket. 
  • The coupon code you have entered is incorrect. 
  • You have already entered a coupon code. 
  • You are using a Target coupon, not a Target Photo coupon. 
  • You are trying to use your credit or debit RedCard. 

Where can I find the available coupons and promo codes? 

You can find all publicly available coupons and promotions right here. We work hard to collect all the latest coupon information from Target Photo so that you can find it in one easy destination. 

Also, find the available coupons at Target Photo by going to the top of the page and selecting Details & Promotions. This will bring up a pop-up with a list of the available promotions and what coupon code you will need to use to activate the deal. 

Is there any other way that I can get coupons or promo codes? 

Yes. By signing up either with Target or Target Photo, you will be sent members-only discounts on gifts, canvas, and more. Signing up and having an account is the only way to get these special promo codes, as Target Photo makes them more personalized for you. 

Do I need a Target Photo account? 

If you already have an account on Target.com, you can use those same credentials to log in to Targetphoto.com. If you do not have a Target account, sign up either on the Target or Target Photo website. This is the best way to get started with Target’s Circle Rewards PrograM. This program allows you to earn rewards on your purchases and get extra perks when shopping throughout Target. 

How else can I save when shopping at Target Photo? 

There are other ways to save at Target Photo besides combining coupons. Try the following: 

Only shop during promotion periods 

Promotion periods at Target Photo last for months at a time. Target Photo quickly replaces them with another set of promotions when it ends. Expect to get, at minimum, 50% off your order whenever you shop at Target Photo. 

The best deal you can get at Target Photo is typically a 60% off promotion. This promotion will usually only be for select items and not available across the store. The items that Target Photo includes in the 60% off promotion will typically change, so check regularly or stay up to date by subscribing to the newsletter. 

Shop a minimum of 3 weeks ahead of time 

If you want to save when shopping at Target Photo, then aim to place your order at least two, and ideally three weeks before you need your order. This way, you can opt for economy shipping, which is the cheapest shipping option. 

You can get rush order delivery, but this shipping option comes with the highest price. For example, economy delivery on a canvas order is $35.13, but rush delivery will cost $150.85. 

These are just examples. The price of shipping varies from order to order depending on: 

  • What you order. 
  • The size of your order. 
  • The quantity of your order. 
  • The distance between your address and the distribution center. 
  • The speed of delivery. 

By submitting your order three weeks before you need it, you can apply for economy shipping and save your money. Economy shipping takes between 10 to 13 business days.