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Beat the Heat: 6 Savvy Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer

Now that we’re in the heart of summer, don’t let it pass you by! Are you daydreaming while the days drift by in a haze? Let those daydreams inspire you to get out there and experience your best summer ever.

To help you out, we’ve created a short and easy list of six sizzling summer must-dos. Go on, now. Go get the most out of your summer.

1. Go on a Road Trip

Grab your best friend (it’s okay if that’s your dog), pack your bags, hop in the car, and hit the road. Even if it’s just for a day trip. Cross-country works, too! The best part of road tripping is getting out of your day-to-day environment to explore the world around you. Open your eyes and your mind to areas nearby that you haven’t yet explored. It could change your whole perspective.

2. Upgrade Your Porch

Or whatever outdoor area you have: deck, yard, or windowsill. Take some time to make it more than a utility area. If space allows, add a brightly colored rug, swing chair, and overstuffed pillows. If space is small, even a flowering plant or hummingbird feeder can make all the difference.

3. Work Out in the Early Morning

Get up and go! There’s no better time than mid-summer to become — or pretend to become — a morning person. The sun rises so early, you may as well be up, too. Once you start moving and breathing the fresh air, you’ll get energized to power through the rest of your day.

4. Try a New Ice Cream Flavor

Get fancy! These days, there’s no reason to stick to the old favorites. They’ll always be there, but will strawberry-basil? If your neighborhood ice cream shops play it tame, get crafty and DIY a new favorite. Here’s a simple recipe that works as a foundation for more creative flavors. No ice cream maker required!

5. Pick Your Own Berries

Across the country, many berries are at their peak in summer. Find a farm near you at pickyourown.org. Turn the fruits of your labor into pie, jam, popsicles — or how about a daquiri? (Tip: try this recipe!) The only caveat: once you’ve picked your own, you might never settle for store-bought again!

6. Volunteer

Pay the sunshine forward. Long, lazy days are the perfect opportunity to help out those who don’t have the luxury of time. Lend a hand at a nonprofit for a day or a weekend, or foster a pet if you have the room. Your summer activities just grew a bigger heart.


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What’s *your* favorite way to make the most of summer?