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Buy Now, Save Later: What to Buy Now For the Best Deals

We can’t all track when certain items will go on sale or have dramatic price drops. So we’re here to help out and let you know when to make your best purchases and save some money. October may not seem like the time of year for tons of sales and best deals, being right in between Labor Day and the holidays.

But with a little knowledge and research, you can save some serious money for future purchases and avoid a shopping frenzy later.

Holiday Airfare

The longer you wait, the pricier flights home for the holidays will be. Buy your tickets in early October to get some of the best prices. You can also use Skyscanner or Hopper to track your flights and get notifications on when the price is lowest.

Be sure to use these Travelocity coupons, offers and best deals to save the most money on any flights or hotels you book for the holiday season.

Thanksgiving Shopping

Use October to plan your Thanksgiving menu and create a master list to take with you grocery shopping. You can start stocking up on non-perishable items, such as canned goods, frozen items, plates or glasses, and not have to worry about last-minute shopping trips.

Replace Household Appliances

If you’ve been looking for a new dishwasher or refrigerator, now is the time to buy one. Prices on these household items tend to drop in October as retailers prepare for newer models. You can also use these Sears coupons and best deals to save even more money on appliances.

Gardening Gear

As the weather cools down, there is less of a need for gardening supplies. So now is the time to get everything from rakes to seeds, which will still be good in the spring. Home Depot offers all the supplies you’ll need for gardening and home improvement projects, and these coupons, offers and deals won’t make you break the bank.

Winter Weather Ready

We know summer just ended and the last thing we want to think about is cold weather. But if you start purchasing winter items now, you’ll save more money rather than waiting. The prices will rise on items like boots, parkas, pea coats and more when they’re in high demand. You can also take advantage of lowered prices on denim and sweaters as the back-to-school rush has ended. Be sure to use these Old Navy coupons and deals to start getting ready for winter weather.

DON’T Get Gifts

Anything you might get as a gift for someone (jewelry, perfume, computers, digital cameras) should not be purchased in October. You can expect to find deep discounts on these products in November and December.

But Always Get Pizza

Fun fact: October is National Pizza Month. There are sure to be even more discounts and sales out there but check out these Pizza Hut coupons, offers and best deals to save even more money.

Hopefully these tips will help all of you out there save some money. You may get some funny looks buying a winter coat or gardening tools now but your wallet will be thanking you later!