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Boscov’s Senior Discount Guide

Boscov’s is a popular, family-run department store in the United States. With 49 locations throughout the country and an excellent online store, it is a go-to department store for many shoppers of all ages. Seniors looking to shop at Boscov’s will be pleased to know that there are many ways to save when shopping at Boscov’s, even though there is not a specific senior discount available to use. Learn how to maximize Boscov’s sales and save on every purchase.

What discounts are available at Boscov’s?

Boscov’s is the largest family-owned department store brand in the country and offers great sales and discounts on no-name and brand-name items. Though there is not a specific senior discount, taking advantage of excellent deals and discounts available saves you a pretty penny.

1.     Military Discount

Boscov’s has a 15% military discount available for active service members. You will need to verify your active service membership with your military credentials and create a shopping account at Boscov’s. Boscov’s military discounts are available on eligible purchases every day, both online and in-store.

2.     Mail-In Rebates

Check Boscov’s rebate offers to get money back on your purchases. Check the Rebate Center for available mail-in rebate offers. Find the item you have purchased or want to purchase from the list of eligible items, click on the image, and print it. Fill out the rebate form. Find the start date, end date, and post-mark date in the eligible item list.

3.     Coupon Discounts

Coupon discounts exist throughout the year. Always look here for the latest coupons available at Boscov’s before checking out. Enter the numerical code into the discount entry before checkout to use your coupon online. Also, gain special coupon discounts by registering with Boscov’s and joining their rewards program. To join their rewards program, apply for the Boscov’s credit card. Being a rewards program member gives you 15% off your first purchase, 15% off for your birthday, and other points building offers.

How to save at Boscov’s throughout the year

Though Boscov’s does not offer a senior-specific discount, there are many excellent ways to save at Boscov’s throughout the year.

·       Sign up at Boscov’s for updates and special sale access

By registering with Boscov’s directly, gain access to many benefits. Stay up to date on all deals, offers, and sales offered directly by Boscov’s. Some sales will be exclusive to registered shoppers only. For a faster and easier shopping experience, sign up, as it automatically brings up your details.

·       Save at Boscov’s with their WebBuster and DoorBuster Deals

Boscov’s regularly offers both WebBuster and DoorBuster deals. View and purchase WebBuster deals online. Unlike regular sale items, WebBuster deals help you save big compared to other sellers. You will see the regular ticketed price and Boscov’s special WebBuster Deal price on top. WebBuster deals typically help you save 50% or more on products from all departments.

DoorBuster deals offer similar discounts in-store. To stay up-to-date with DoorBuster deals, subscribe to Boscov’s Weekly Ads. Also, view their weekly circular online at any time. You can only use DoorBuster deals in-store, and selection varies by store. Doorbuster sales range from 25% to 79% off top products across departments.

·       Check in regularly at Boscov’s clearance sale items

Boscov’s has a clearance shop that allows you to save more than 50% throughout the selection. Popular sale items include clothing and shoes, necklaces and other jewelry, and homeware. You will be able to save everything available at Boscov’s that is more than 50% less than the ticketed price in this section.

·       Stay updated on sales with Boscov’s Weekly Ads

Boscov’s offers weekly deals throughout all of its departments. Get these weekly circulars delivered to your door. Alternatively, find them online. You will find special holiday sale deals and regular sale items available online and in-store.

·       Save more by joining Boscov’s Rewards Program

Boscov’s has a rewards program and credit card. Every time you spend $1 in-store or online, you earn 2 points. Every time you spend $1 on cosmetics and fragrances, you earn 4 points. You will gain an additional 2000 points for every $1000 you spend with your Boscov’s credit card in a program year. Every 500 points you earn becomes a $5 B Rewarded Certificate to use at Boscov’s for additional discounts.

·       Wait for a seasonal or holiday sale at Boscov’s

Boscov’s has seasonal and holiday sales throughout the year. Valentine’s Day sale, Presidents’ Day sale, Labor Day sale, Black Friday sale, and Boxing Day sale are just a few of the holiday sales available that allow you to save big. Also, watch out for seasonal sales in the spring, summer, and fall, including a special back-to-school sale – perfect for helping out the family or stocking up on your stationery.

·       Stack discounts to enjoy more savings at Boscov’s

Boscov’s does not allow you to stack coupons, but you can stack discounts. You can use B Rewarded Certificates, your military discount, or a coupon on top of sale items to get the most savings. To enjoy the biggest savings, always check here for discount codes and special sale deals.

Do note you cannot stack coupons or discounts together. You can only apply one additional option on top of a sale item.

Is there free shipping at Boscov’s?

During Boscov’s free shipping promotions, enjoy free shipping at Boscov’s online store. You must hit the minimum spend before tax and after discounts to earn this free shipping. This free shipping is only available on standard-sized products and has volume limits. If shipping is over $9.95, your order will not qualify for free shipping.