Coupons for Good: Meet the Companies and Coupons That Do Good

We may not think too much about the impact our everyday shopping choices have.

We may not think about how our clothes are made or the store’s philanthropic history. But when we stop and take a minute to think about the impact of our purchases, the amount of change we can enact is much larger than we realize.

In the Coupons for Good series, we’ll focus on various companies and how they do good in the world. Whether they have partnered with well-known nonprofits, started environmentally conscious programs or started their own charity programs, these companies give back. And when you use Goodshop coupons you can also donate to your favorite cause or nonprofit through your account.

So to sum up- supporting positive initiatives when you shop with these companies, saving money using Goodshop coupons and donating even more to a nonprofit? Sounds like a great way to do some good in the world.