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Cutest (and Funniest) Pet Halloween Costumes

Halloween weekend is coming up and the spooky, spirited holiday is this Tuesday. No doubt us humans will have some creative costumes but we should be looking out for our pets.

Cute animals dressed up in cute and funny costumes- it’s one of everyone’s favorite things! (Of course, you should only dress your pet up if they’re comfortable in the costume. Some pets can handle it while others do not enjoy it. Never sacrifice your pet’s happiness for a few laughs.) We’ve rounded up some of the cutest and funniest pet costumes to kick start your Halloween.

Wonder Dog

“Wonder Woman” was one of the top film’s this year and we think dogs are pretty super, so why not let your pup show their superhero side? This costume has gotten great reviews and you can use these Amazon coupons, offers and deals to pick one up for your dog.

Stegosaurus or Dog-osaurus?

Two of our favorite things- dinosaurs and dogs- have come together. Prehistoric creatures are roaming the Earth once again. The best part of this costume though? The body of the outfit and the head are separate pieces, so you don’t have to worry about how to attach a leash. You can get this costume at Amazon as well.

The Lion Cat

Cats are much more… finicky and difficult to dress up. Some however will tolerate a small costume. Try this lion’s mane out for size and let your cat get in touch with their ancestors. Or at least recreate the opening scene of “The Lion King.” Be sure to use these Pets Halloween Costumes Go Here coupons and deals to save money.

Digging for Bones

Simple? Check. Comfy? Check. Spooky? Check. This skeleton costume will keep your pup snug and warm all night. Bonus- the bones glow in the dark.

Hot Dog Cat?

Yes. Hot dog cat. Your pet will be so adorable you’ll want to eat them up. Or maybe that’s just the hot dog toppings. You can get this pet halloween Costumes just in time for Halloween, and use these Petco coupons and deals to get a discount.

There are plenty more fun pet costumes out there, from Ewoks to corndogs or tacos. Just make sure your pet is comfortable and happy. Happy Halloween weekend!