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Five Workouts You Can Do at Home

Sticking to an exercise routine is more difficult for some than others. Once working out becomes a daily habit, you may not be able to see yourself going a day without exercise. However there are always days where you get too busy at work and don’t find yourself back home until late. Or the weather is so terrible the thought of trekking to the gym makes you miserable. Or you simply don’t want to spend lots of money on a gym membership.

There are lots of resources for workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home. We’ve rounded up our top choices, whether you hit the yoga mat daily or like to work up a serious sweat. (While not all these programs are free, they’re worth the investment. And as always, go with the workouts that works best for you!)


With over 4 million subscribers to her Youtube channel, Cassey Ho created her online pilates workouts videos back in 2009. Called POP Pilates, this is a total body, equipment free workouts combined with music to feel like dance choreography. Don’t let these seemingly simple movements fool you though! POP Pilates will definitely make muscles you may not even know you had sore tomorrow.

Kayla Itsines

An Australian personal trainer who’s been on the scene since 2008, Kayla Itsines created the insanely popular Bikini Body Guide (BBG) workouts. Since then, over 20 million people have used the guide leading her to create the workouts app, Sweat with Kayla. Both the BBG and Sweat workouts are circuit style workouts, and take a grand total of 28 minutes to complete. Yep, 28 minutes. Even the busiest people can find a half-hour of time to devote to this tough workouts.

Nike+ Training Club

The go-to for your fitness apparel and motivational slogan, Nike also offers a free training app. You can choose from over 100 programs created by top athletes (like Serena Williams), as well as yoga, HIIT, Pilates and running workouts. Plus you have the option to create a four-week workouts program.


C25K, or Couch to 5K, is a running program app that trains you to run a 5K race- even if you’re starting with no running training at all (aka from your couch.) The program lasts eight weeks total and offers three 30- to 40-minute workouts per week. A personal running coach gives tips and guidance, so you’re not in this alone for the long run. (Sorry, we had to!)

FitStar Yoga

If you prefer to hit the yoga mat daily and don’t like to spend more money than necessary, FitStar Yoga is for you. This app makes great yoga classes accessible to anyone. You can choose from a variety of full routines, including “freestyle” flows. Plus you can sync the app to your FitBit, Jawbone UP or MyFitnessPal accounts.

How do you like to workouts? What apps or programs do you recommend? Let us know!