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Getting Back on Track to Your Fitness Goals

We all know how important it is for our health to stay active. We should be moving around for at least 30 minutes a day but watching our favorite t.v. show always sounds better after a long day of work. So when you finally get into a good routine of working out, whether it’s yoga or running or boxing, you want to keep up the routine to reach your goals.

At some point though most of us fall off the fitness goals wagon and fall out of our routine (it’s alright, we’re all human.) These tips and tricks will get you motivated to work out again.

Revisit your goals

Take a look back at the original fitness goals you made when you first started working out. Have you achieved most or all of them? Are any of them not relevant anymore? Keeping your fitness goals up-to-date and relevant as you progress in getting fit is important.

Or if you didn’t make any goals, write some down now! Having an objective or aim keeps you focused rather than aimlessly doing the same routine.

Switch things up

Speaking of the same routine, be sure to mix your workouts up. Not only will you stay interested, you’ll be more motivated to keep working out if you have something new to try. Just as you shouldn’t do the same exercises every day, you should change up your routine every four to six weeks.

Have you been going to the same yoga class for the past three months? Try running instead; it’s cheap (practically free) and humans were meant to run. You can use these Runner’s World coupons, offers and deals for the best running gear and advice.

Stay accountable

Going to a 6 a.m. spinning class is difficult, and when you go by yourself it’s even more difficult. So enlist a workout buddy to join you. At least you’ll have a friend to suffer right alongside you. You’re less likely to ditch a class or workout if your friend is waiting for you.

Get new swag

Who doesn’t love new workout clothes? If you’ve been sticking to your routine for awhile, some new attire can motivate you to hit the gym again. Going to the gym of for a run is a great reason to show off your new threads. Check out these Sweaty Betty coupons and deals to save money on their new apparel.

So go break a sweat and keep up the motivation! Maybe you’ll inspire someone else to jump back into the fitness game.