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Kay Jewelers Christmas Sales

KAY Jewelers has multiple sales throughout the holiday seasons. Waiting for these sales and knowing how to make your savings stretch even further can help you pick out the perfect gift for your loved ones at KAY Jewelers. 

We know how much you love a bargain and how important it is to get the best possible deal on luxury items like fine jewelry. To help you get the best deals at KAY Jewelers this Christmas, we have put together a complete list of sales and tips to help. 

Does KAY Jewelers have a Christmas sale? 

Yes. KAY Jewelers has several sales in the lead-up to Christmas. They love holding multiple events and sales in November and December to help you save big on gifts. 

Black Friday and Cyber Week Sales 

KAY Jewelers participates in huge Black Friday and Cyber Monday/Cyber Week sales so that you can save and get a jumpstart on your Christmas shopping. Black Friday sales start at 25% off of everything. For the biggest discounts, you’ll want to wait for the big Cyber Week sales. 

You can save up to 60% off online-only deals during Cyber Week. On top of a big discount, enjoy guaranteed delivery before Christmas. 

Holiday Flash Sales 

KAY Jewelers regularly holds flash sales for just a few days in the lead-up to Christmas. The last flash sale lasted five days and allowed you to take 15% off gifts worth up to $1499 and 20% off gifts that were worth $1500 and over. 

These flash sales come with their own promo code. With that promo code, you can often get 10% off, 15% off, and 20% off on top of regularly priced and discounted items. 

The Big Holiday Sale 

KAY Jewelers regularly holds its Big Holiday Sale in December. This big sale often occurs in the second week of December. However, you’ll want to sign up to receive the KAY newsletter to stay in the know if this changes slightly. 

The Big Holiday Sale comes with big discounts. You’ll be able to enjoy 25% to 50% off everything in-store and online. 

Does KAY Jewelers have an After Christmas sale?

Yes. KAY Jewelers regularly has sales after Christmas. They have their Bridal sales in January, which means big discounts on engagement, wedding, and anniversary rings. You can expect 20% to 40% off the ticketed price during the Bridal sales. 

Also, enjoy additional discounts on clearance items during this period. This last year you could enjoy 30% to 50% off clearance and the chance to take an additional 10% off. To stay up-to-date on the latest after-Christmas sales, always check here for any deals of promo codes or sign up for the KAY newsletter. 

How long does KAY Jewelers Big Holiday sale last? 

Flash sales are short and vary. There are flash sales for three days only, five days only, and one week only. These flash sales often allow you to take an additional discount off the total price of your purchases with a promo code. 

The good news is that while KAY Jewelers sales don’t last very long, they do have ongoing sale sections. This way, you can always grab a bargain and enjoy big savings on your jewelry needs.

How can I save even more on KAY Jewelers Christmas Sales? 

There are many more ways to save during the Christmas season. While waiting for sales is a great strategy, there are many other methods to help you save and better afford the fine jewelry at KAY Jewelers. 

  1. Check for promo codes before checkout 

Always check here for any promo codes or special deals you may have missed before making your purchase. This way, you don’t have to worry about missing a promo code in your email. Instead, you will always get the biggest discount on your purchase. 

  1. Shop the ongoing sales for great deals 

KAY Jewelers and KAY Jewelers Outlet have ongoing sale sections. Both have a clearance section, a closeout section, and a sample sale section. Expect discounts between 25% to 75% on these sale pieces. Find great quality pieces of jewelry for much less here. 

  1. Look into preowned jewelry and watches 

Preowned jewelry and watches are a great way to save on stunning pieces. KAY Jewelers professionally cleans all preowned items and, if necessary, restores them so you get them at their full brilliance. You can expect up to 75% off the ticket price for these preowned pieces. Get high-quality jewelry at a much lower price point. 

  1. Know how to get free shipping 

Most KAY Jeweler and KAY Jeweler Outlet customers will enjoy free delivery every day. The exceptions are for low-value purchases under a certain threshold and Same-Day Delivery, which is $29.95. To get free delivery for last-minute or low-purchase, you will need to choose the Pickup option instead and go to your nearest KAY store. Purchases are ready within 4 hours. They will hold them for three days. KAY Jewelers refunds your purchase if you don’t pick up your order after these three days. 

  1. Know your financing options

This option doesn’t help you save, but it does help you afford quality items more comfortably. To finance your purchase, use the lease-to-own program, or apply for a KAY credit card that allows you to access special 0% financing plans to spread out the cost of your purchase. Financing plans include paying back over 6 months, 12 months, and 18 months.