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How Does Target Photo Rewards Work?

Target Photos is the photo and printing service offered by Target. It is the perfect place to get great rates on personalized gifts and all your printing needs. From family photos to your own art on the walls, there are so many different things you can print and ways to save at Target Photos. 

Getting more out of each purchase both at Target Photo and Target itself is important for so many. To help you understand how their Target Circle Rewards program works, we have outlined everything you need to know. 

What is Target Circle? 

Target Circle is the rewards program offered by Target. As a Target Circle member, you will get many great benefits both at Target and with other brands. Target Circle is a loyalty program that allows you to get 1% in Target Circle earnings every time you shop at Target. 

What are the benefits of the Target Circle program? 

  1. Get 1% earnings 

Every time you shop, you will get 1% back to later spend at Target. To get this reward, you must enter your phone number at the cashier when you checkout in-store. Alternatively, you can scan your specific Target Circle barcode, which you can easily keep in your Apple Wallet. Also, find it in the Target App or online when you log in to your account. 

If you made an in-store purchase without putting your Target Circle ID in, don’t worry! You can enter the receipt numbers into your dashboard or the scan function via the Target App up to 7 days after your purchase. 

To get the 1% back in earnings when shopping online, log in online or on the app, depending on where you shop. 

  1. Get special deals 

Target Circle members get hundreds of special deals and offers only available to you as a Target Circle member. You can use these deals online or in-store. 

  1. Get a birthday gift 

You will get a 5% discount to use at Target every time you celebrate a birthday as a Target Circle member. Treat yourself to a new birthday gift and enjoy the discount. 

  1. Help your community 

Every time you shop at Target as a Target Circle member, you will have the option to vote on which charity program you want Target to support next. This way, you can have a direct say in how Target’s charity programs affect your community. 

How do I join Target Circle? 

To join Target Circle, all you need is to go online and create an account or create an account on the Target App. 

Is Target Circle a credit card? 

No. It is free to join and easy to get started. Target Circle is a loyalty program only. Target does have a credit card called RedCard that offers its benefits. 

Is Target Circle and Cartwheel the same? 

Target Circle has replaced Cartwheel as Target’s loyalty program. 

How many Target Circles can you use at one time? 

You will get 75 spots and can save offers. When you checkout, you will use the saved offers in your list when paying for your order. 

What is a Target Circle Bonus? 

Enjoy personalized offers and other bonuses as a Target Circle member. These often require you to make qualifying purchases either in-store or online. 

What are Target Circle special offers? 

Every so often, Target will partner with another brand to offer special discounts. In 2022, the special offer is to try Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple Music, and iCloud+ for free simply by signing in or creating a Target Circle account. 

What is Target’s RedCard? 

RedCard is a payment card. You can get either a credit or debit RedCard. This gives you additional benefits. You can be both a RedCard holder and a Target Circle member. 

How do you get a RedCard? 

You can get a RedCard only by applying for it. You will need to apply either for credit or debit card. Both offer you the same benefits, except debit allows you to link your existing checking account and allows you to withdraw up to $40 at checkout. 

What are the benefits of a credit or debit RedCard? 

There are many benefits to having a RedCard. 

  • Take 5% off every time you shop at Target online or in-store. 
  • Get free two-day shipping on thousands of items.
  • Get special items, gifts, and offers. 
  • Get an extra 30 days to return or exchange items. 
  • No annual fee. 

Also, Target estimates that you can save up to $675 per year on groceries with the RedCard and almost $500 on baby supplies during that first year with the RedCard. This is based on the 5% discount and assumes you are shopping at Target. 

What rewards program should I join? 

Everyone should become a Target Circle member. It is fast, easy, and can immediately help you start saving and getting value back every time you shop at Target. 

Also, you can use RedCard as a great way to increase the rewards and savings at Target and Target photo. Read through the full terms and conditions for credit and debit cards and consider your spending habits. You can get the same benefits with debit. If you are worried about your credit score, getting a debit RedCard can be ideal. 

Always check your emails and here for the latest coupons and discounts so that you never miss the chance to save. This applies to both RedCard and Target Circle members.