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Goodshop Spotlight: Pamela Sailor

We appreciate the good that you do, and want to help tell the world about it. Every month we’ll be sitting down with a different Goodshopper from across the country, in order to hear their story and learn about how they’ve been using the most powerful coupons in the world.

This month, we got to e-mail with Pamela Sailor, who’s been a loyal Goodshopper since 2007. Her enthusiasm for Goodshop leapt from the page, and it was heartening to hear her talk about how easy (and meaningful) it is for her to incorporate Goodshop into her online shopping. The nonprofit that she supports, Providence Speech and Hearing Center, has a truly inspiring story, and we are so honored that we’ve been able to help them raise donations for the past seven years. We got to chat with Pamela Sailor about her experience, her cause, and why she always chooses Goodshop when she wants to shop & save online.

Goodshop: How did you find out about us?

Pamela Sailor : In 2007 or 2008, a coworker told me about an Oprah show she saw that featured Goodshop. I’ve been an avid user since then.

What cause do you support and why did you choose this cause? 

Providence Speech and Hearing Center! They are an incredible organization that provides the gifts of speech and hearing to the hearing- and speech-impaired community of Southern California. I support them because I have seen some amazing moments, such as when someone hears for the first time, or when someone struggling to speak is finally able to tell me about his day. It’s an incredible feeling to be a witness when this special moment occurs! I get chills when I think about it!


Pamela and her family on vacation in Cabo

How much do you think you have raised through Goodshop?

I know I have personally raised $200+ through Goodsearch and Goodshop, but I am very proud that I have encouraged LOTS of other people to do it too. I’ve sent emails, asked friends to join and gotten most everyone in my circle to participate in one way or another. The Goodshop results have continued to just climb and climb!

Anything else you want us to know about your cause? 

Providence Speech and Hearing Center is the only clinic of it’s kind who helps people whether they can afford the services or not. Founded 50 years ago, this organization began with $48 and now has provided services to over 200,000 families with over 1,500,000 appointments. I know the founder set out to always provide services to all those in need – regardless of their ability to pay.

What do you love about Goodshop?

I love the ease of use. Whenever I explain how to use Goodshop to my friends, family and coworkers, they always say “that’s it?”. I also love how many shops are online that give to charity. It means a lot to shop with philanthropic people and companies! It makes me feel connected to the community and know that there are many ways that I have an impact!

This interview has been edited and condensed.