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Kenneth Cole’s “Role Models” To Model Fall Looks

Kenneth Cole wants us to look up to his models instead of just at them. And so he has come out with the Courageous Class campaign: a group of models who are more than mannequins–they are truly courageous individuals who do good in the world. This is because Cole, a dedicated philanthropist who has been a vocal voice in the fight against AIDs since the 80s, seeks to create clothes for those out there creating a better world. Cole’s motto is “look good, for good,” and he’s putting these models front and center for doing just that.


The simple silhouettes and classic fabrics Cole uses in his Courageous Class fall line suggest that what we wear shouldn’t steal focus from who we are. Through this noble campaign, Cole puts a diverse collection of human stories in the spotlight. A trans model, a pro-surfer turned philanthropist, a filmmaker/rapper, and a deaf soccer player have nothing in common on the surface, showing just how many ways there are to be courageous. Their stories suggest that being passionately oneself can change the world.


See Jamie Clarke, a deaf professional soccer player who has changed the conversation about what people with disabilities are capable of in athletics. When Jon Rose pursued his love of surfing, he found himself to be just as passionate about enabling access to clean water as catching waves. Rapper and filmmaker Rhymefest found that he couldn’t stop with just sharing his own life story, but sought to enable impoverished children in Chicago to share theirs through the nonprofit Donda’s house.

Merging the concepts of model and role model allow an industry that makes many people feel bad about themselves to instead embrace who they are, and to maybe change the world in the process. We can’t think of a better way to Goodshop!