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Celebrating Father’s Day: 8 Presents for First Time Dads

The first year of a baby’s life is full of love, stress, and everything in between. That makes it all the more important to celebrate special occasions to the max when they come around – including Father’s Day.

For first-time dads, Father’s Day is incredibly special. It’s the first time in their life that they can celebrate the day as a father rather than a son. To make the day even better for the new parent, here are eight awesome first Father’s Day gift ideas that they are sure to love. Don’t forget to slash the total price of these gifts with Goodshop’s coupons!

1:  A Shadowbox Frame

Picture frames are great, but the likelihood is that a first-time dad already has plenty of cute pictures on display! Why not give him something a little more interesting? The shadowbox frame is a personalized gift that allows you to display a meaningful object rather than a picture. Choose a keepsake that means a lot to the new dad, such as a photo scan, a toy, or the baby’s first-ever onesie.

The frame comes in a range of sizes, so you can display pretty much anything you like!

Buy It Now: Shadowbox Frame, $76.64-$154.09

2: Wireless Photo Printer

New fathers are usually busy taking lots of pictures of their bundle of joy. A lot of those pictures – even the quality ones – get lost in the camera roll, though. Make sure the new dad has access to his best baby photographs by gifting him the wireless photo printer.

This printer lets you print directly from your device, making it a quick and easy way of getting physical images in only moments. The next time dad takes a hilarious picture of the baby sneezing, laughing, or grabbing on mom’s finger, he can print out a physical copy to cherish forever.

Buy It Now: KODAK Step Wireless Photo Printer Go Bundle, $84.99

3: A Backpack Full of Goodies 

New dads often have to pick up items like diapers, baby clothes, baby wipes, and more. Why not cut him back a few trips by giving him a backpack full of parenting goodies? It doesn’t have to only contain the ordinary baby gear like a travel changing pad, spare bodysuits, and tumblers – you could pack it with fun toys, and maybe some treats for dad himself, like a couple of beers!

Choose the pro weekender bag as the carrier compared to a traditional diaper bag. It’s a high-quality backpack that keeps everything organized, whether he needs to carry it or put it in the stroller. Once dad has opened his goodies, he’ll have a smart backpack to keep all his items together when he’s out and about. It can turn into the ultimate diaper backpack to make trips out with his new baby easy.

Buy It Now: Pro Weekender Bag, $89.99

4: A Coffee Subscription

After a sleepless night with the baby before heading to work, the first thing that dad needs is a coffee. Not just any coffee, though – he needs high-quality, tasty coffee that truly hits the spot. When he has so many obligations, the boost is essential to fight back his sleep-deprived state!

Give first-time dad the gift of caffeine with a coffee subscription from coffee.org. Every month, he will receive a delivery of 100% Arabica beans to enjoy every morning as he tries to be the best dad. It equates to about 80 cups of coffee – and he will need it as he navigates fatherhood!

Buy It Now: 3 Month Coffee USA Subscription, $83.99

5: A Parenting Audiobook

New dads have a lot to learn. Even experienced dads with plenty of children still learn new things from their kids. Being a parent is a journey full of ups and downs, and it’s normal to make mistakes. That doesn’t mean you can’t help prepare the first-time dad, though!

Give him a gift of learning with a parenting audiobook. There are plenty to choose from, so browse the titles and pick the one you think will suit him best. You could even give him a more lifestyle-focused audiobook to motivate him through the challenging days of being a parent. The ’12 rules for life’ is a great one, as they will help him take back control of his life during times of chaos, allowing him to be an excellent father! This is great if you are looking for a last-minute but thoughtful gift and don’t want to give a standard gift card.

Buy It Now: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, $15.99

6: A Mini Fridge

A mini-fridge makes an excellent Father’s Day present for first-time dads. They will often want to reach out for a beer, snack, or baby milk, but getting to the fridge isn’t always easy. They might be feeding their baby in their arms, or they might be too tired to go all the way downstairs! To make it easier on him, one of the best first father’s day gifts you can give is the mini-fridge. It can sit anywhere in the home, allowing him access to his favorite drinks and snacks without much effort for years to come. When he needs a pick me up after rocking the baby back to sleep or doing a diaper change, he can have it.

Buy It Now: Mini Refrigerator, $82.99

7: Dad & Me Activity Bucket

The Dad & Me activity bucket is the perfect gift for dads wanting to spend as much time bonding with their little one as possible. The box contains tons of great activities for father and child to enjoy, all of which are color-coded and well organized. It provides plenty of fun away from the iPad and other screens!

First-time dad might not do all the activities yet (some require an older kid!), but he can keep it over the years, slowly getting through all the exciting activities. It will give both dad and kid a lifetime of memories to cherish.

Buy It Now: Dad & Me Activity Bucket List, $50

8: A Comfortable Sweatshirt

Becoming a parent often means accepting you won’t look stylish all the time. More often than not, new moms and dads give up their style for comfoy t-shirts and pants. That doesn’t have to be the case, though. Give the new dad a comfy yet smart sweatshirt for Father’s Day, so he can feel confident in himself while staying snug. The Darrington Quarter Zip Sweatshirt is perfect – the design is soft and classic, made with quality materials that feel great on the skin.

If the dad hoodie he currently owns is looking a bit worse for wear, purchase this.

Buy It Now: Darrington Quarter Zip Sweatshirt, $77.95

Whichever of these great Father’s Day gifts you choose, the first-time father is sure to appreciate his first-ever Father’s Day presents.