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Eco-Friendly Fashion Labels to Love

We know our Goodshop readers try to be better and savvy consumers. (It’s why you use our awesome coupons and deals to save money everyday while also donating to nonprofits.) But have you thought about how your fashion & clothes affect the environment?

Our everyday purchases have more of an impact on the environment than we may realize. Fortunately fast fashion isn’t the only way to stay on trend. Here are some top fashion brands that don’t cause extra harm to the environment.


Levi’s, the first company to make a pair of blue jeans, is committed to sustainability. They were the first company to establish guidelines for water quality standards and a restricted substances list. With initiatives like the Water<Less™ process and the Waste<Less™ collections, the denim brand is continuing to make quality products that don’t have an impact on the environment.

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Everlane is all about transparency, from the factories they work with to the true cost of every product. The company, whose motto is ‘Radical Transparency’, creates products. So you won’t be throwing out clothes after only a few months wear.

Pick up a sweater for those crisp fall days with these Everlane Fashion coupons and deals to save some money.


One of the first defenders of environmental ethics, the activewear retailer has a long list of programs. From pledging one percent of sales to environmental groups to using recycled materials in their products, Patagonia isn’t slowing down their efforts anytime soon.

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Alternative Fashion Apparel

Alternative Apparel makes over 80 percent of their products with sustainable materials and processes.A certified green business, they use 60% less water, eco and organic fabrics and non-toxic, low-impact dyes. You can find modern and casual classics for men and women using these Alternative Apparel coupons and deals.

H&M Conscious Line

While known for its fast-fashion, H&M is making an effort to lower their impact on the environment. The conscious line is a more budget-friendly way to buy sustainably made clothes. The products are made with only recycled or sustainably-sourced materials. H&M also launched a conscious beauty collection which are organic and certified by Ecocert. 96 percent of electricity used in stores comes from renewable sources.