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11 Office Supplies That Will Instantly Organize Your Desk

oraganized desk

Are you looking for your stapler again? And where did you put that paperwork? Having a disorganized desk can not only hamper your productivity—it’s also just plain annoying. But getting your workspace into shape doesn’t require a Marie Kondo-level of intense organizing that takes hours. Stocking up on the right supplies will get your desk into tip-top shape in no time. Plus, everyone at work will be impressed with your ace decluttering skills. Add these accessories to your workspace to instantly organize your desk.

Pen cup. You’ll never have to wonder if the one you pick up is out of ink again if you store all of your favorite pens in a single spot. A sharp-looking pen cup will also bring some design cred to your desk.

Cable organizer. Between your computer monitor, tower, mouse, phone and charger, there are plenty of wires all over your desk. By adding a cable organizer, not only will it look neater, but you’ll also save time the next time you’re hunting for that cord that always seems to get lost in the jumble or fall behind your desk. Plus, visual clutter can bring on anxiety, so keeping them out of sight will slash stress. While you’re at it, label all of your cords so that you never have to fumble with them again. For extra brownie points, use different colored tape to make them even easier to distinguish from one another.

Receipt holder. Even in this digital age, many of us still need to hang on to our receipts for expense reports. Store them in a sleek case to keep them organized instead of floating around your desk. That’ll save you time for actually creating those expense report.

Label maker. Not only are these a lot of fun to use, but they’re also key to saving you a lot of time. Slap labels on every cabinet and cubby and you won’t have to guess what’s behind every drawer and door. And if you put “printer paper” on the right bin, think of how many times per day you won’t be asked where to find it anymore by absent-minded co-workers. Labeling doesn’t just apply to your physical stuff—creating labels and folders on your computer and inbox will have the same time-saving effect.

Desk tray. Scraps of paper, memos, and other tidbits look tidy if you neatly place them in an artsy tray instead of all over the surface of your desk. Just remember to sort through it regularly to prevent a major pile-up.

Paperless app. All those scraps of paper, Post-Its and torn-out pages from notebooks can end up in one giant heap on your desk. Save a tree and your sanity by downloading a note-taking app, such as Evernote or Google Keep. Not only will it cut down on clutter, but it’s quicker and you can sync your notes across devices, so you’ll have access anywhere. Plus, many apps include a feature that allows you to search your notes, which is way faster than searching through a stack of papers on your desk.

Daily notepad. If you can’t bring yourself to go paperless, buy a notepad that’s organized by day. That way you can write everything in one place, including To-Do lists, meetings, and errands, giving you the perk of being able to see your entire day all at once.

Letter organizer. Put a tiered model to good use and utilize the different sections to organize. Consider one for outgoing mail, letters that need to be addressed, and a section for papers that need to be filed. By clearing that clutter from your desk, you’ll have a clearer working surface—and a clearer mind.

Drawer dividers. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s not a good idea to have your pencils mingling with your desk snacks and old rubber bands. Invest in a set of drawer dividers so you can create separate compartments for your scissors, tape dispenser, and, yes, desk snacks. It’ll look neat and tidy and save you from pawing through everything time and again.

Basket. Let’s be real: There’s always going to be a few papers and miscellaneous odds lying around your workspace. Instead of keeping them on the surface of your desk where they’ll make a mess and stress you out, get a basket to keep under your desk where you can store all of the clutter until you can put it away. It’ll save you square footage on your desk and you won’t have to worry about your co-workers judging your slush pile.

Magnetic paper clip holder. Paper clips are the biggest culprit when it comes to things settling in every nook and cranny of your drawers. Opt for a chic holder that’s magnetic to keep those paper clips where they belong—all in one place.