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Free the $$$ (Hello, again)

Imagine the Possibilities

Welcome, online traveler, to our little corner of the blogosphere. We are Goodshop, and we turn saved money into free donations.

What if money just started growing on trees? No, seriously. Just imagine that an old oak in your front yard started dropping fives and tens instead of crinkly little leaves this fall. Would you walk by every day, look at the cash piling up, then just keep on with your life?

“No, that money is mine,” you’d say. “I may not have earned it, but it grew on my lawn, so let’s rake it up!”

If you shop online, believe it or not, Goodshop has been that little flowering money tree on your lawn for a while now. How is this possible, you ask? Well here’s the thing about the internet: there are lots (and i mean lots) of free loopholes. Maybe “loophole” isn’t the best word for what i mean, but the point is that there’s always another dime to be made when someone buys something online. What Goodshop does is take advantage of a crucial “loophole” to give that money right back to you and your cause. Create or sponsor a campaign. Shop. Earn cash. It’s that simple.

So here’s the thing. That tree? On your lawn? It’s huge, it’s been ignored and the cash is blowing down the street. That’s the thing about Goodshop. The commissions they earn (and then pass onto you) from each retailer is most likely available at most-to-all of the places you already shop online. It’s just free money lying there and not getting collected. And, well, we think that’s tragic.

So that’s why today, this very post in fact, is the start of something new. This blog that you are looking at right now is currently celebrating a rebirth, a facelift if you will, aimed to create an informative, entertaining and enriching experience for the smart shopper. So,

Are we gonna try new things?


Will we try everything we can to put cash in your pockets?

You bet.

Do we even know what’s next?

Not at all, but we’d love for you to join us.