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Hobby Lobby Military Discount

Hobby Lobby is a great destination for hobbyists, artists, and home décor enthusiasts. Shop from over 70,000 products online or in-store and save big on all of them thanks to regular sales, coupons, and money-saving shopping benefits. You want to save on your hobby, and you can do it by shopping at Hobby Lobby.

There are so many ways to save when shopping at Hobby Lobby. Shop smart, and you can save big on all products throughout the year.

To help you and your family save more on your hobby, craft, gift, and décor needs, we have put together this complete guide for military personnel, veterans, and their families.

Does Hobby Lobby have a military discount for military personnel, veterans, and their families?

No. While there may occasionally be special promotions specific for military personnel, veterans, and their families, this is not offered regularly. If you work for a Veterans Affairs clinic, you may be able to get a 10% discount in-store. To learn more, you will need to speak to management at your local Hobby Lobby.

Does Hobby Lobby offer any special discounts?

The only special discount that Hobby Lobby offers is a 10% off discount for schools, churches, and charity organizations. If you work for a VA or other charity organization that helps veterans or military families, you may be able to get a 10% discount if you are shopping on behalf of your organization. Use a company or organization credit card or check for the transaction. Also, you need to get the approval of the manager to get this extra 10% off.

Hobby Lobby only applies this discount in-store. You cannot get it online.

How can military personnel, veterans, and their families save when shopping at Hobby Lobby

There are many saving tips that you can use to reduce your Hobby Lobby purchases throughout the year. These savings are available to everyone so military personnel, veterans, and their families and friends can all get the same great discounts and offers.

Sign up for the Weekly Ad and Hobby Lobby News

Always see a deal by signing up for the Hobby Lobby newsletter and Weekly Ad. The Weekly Ad, in particular, can help you stay on top of all the unique sales and offerings available online and in-store. To shop online, find the Weekly Ad section on their website. To shop in-store, pick up the Weekly Ad when you enter so you don’t need to hunt down what’s on sale throughout the store.

Check for promo codes and coupons before you check out

Before you checkout, online or in-store, it’s smart to check here for any promo codes or coupons that you can use on your order before you checkout. Typically you cannot apply coupons on sale items. If you have an item that does have a regular-priced coupon discount, then this can be the best way to bring the overall total of your order down.

Get a rain check on out-of-stock sale items

If the item that you want is on sale but not in stock, ask a sales representative to get a rain check on the item. This means you pay the sale price for the item when it comes back in stock (so long as Hobby Lobby hasn’t discontinued said item). This sale price will be honored even if the sale ends when the item comes back in stock.

Get money back with price adjustments

If you buy an item for full-price in-store, and it goes on sale within 14 days of you purchasing the item, you can get the price difference back. You need to bring the original receipt and the item (even if you are already using it).

Get 10% off damaged items

If there is significant damage to the item, you can get it for 10% off. This is a great way to save if you don’t need the item to be perfect. Before you can get that 10% off, you will need the manager’s approval. Get in touch with a sales representative to bring up the damage and get the discount. The manager makes the final decision.

Know when the sales are on

There are sales every week at Hobby Lobby. Know that furniture, books, wearable art, and custom frames are always on sale. Therefore, to get the most for your money, consider their “discount” to be the full price as they are always on sale.

Crafts, jewelry, and jewelry-making items go on sale once every three weeks. Décor goes on sale every other week. Sales usually start on Saturdays and end on Saturdays.

Shop Saturdays when sales overlap

Saturdays are a great way to shop the largest number of sale items at any given time. This is because Saturdays are the first day of new sales and the last day of old sales. You can bundle online orders together easier this way and shop the biggest number of discounted items in-store. So if you like shopping on a certain day, consider switching it to make the most out of your money.

Check the clearance section

The clearance marked items are outside of sale items. Hobby Lobby marks these with red stickers in-store. Search for clearance items in the clearance section online. Clearance items are the last chance to get the item at that price. The clearance section regularly changes and updates, so aim to check for any big deals whenever you shop online or in-store.