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How do Hobby Lobby Rewards Programs Work?

Hobby Lobby is the go-to destination for all your arts, crafts, and hobby needs. It is an American institution and the perfect place for those who love to create and work with their hands. Shop at their thriving online store or in one of their 900 stores located in 47 different states.

People love Hobby Lobby for its affordable prices and its variety. Shopping for low-cost items isn’t the only way to save. Save even further on home décor, textiles, gift ideas, hobby materials, party accessories, and more by keeping track of their sales and special promotions. Also, when you make yourself familiar with all the special rewards and shopping programs available at Hobby Lobby, get more value from their brand.

Does Hobby Lobby have a rewards program?

Yes. Hobby Lobby has a Hobby Lobby Rewards Visa credit card that allows you to earn points on every purchase. You earn points even on non-Hobby Lobby purchases. This is a great way to build up points and start putting them towards your hobbies and other Hobby Lobby purchases.

Can you still apply for a Hobby Lobby Rewards Visa?

No. The Hobby Lobby Credit Card is no longer available to new applicants. It should still be active for Hobby Lobby credit cardholders in the past. The program was still active just a few years ago. If you have a Hobby Lobby credit card that you haven’t used and want to start earning rewards, first check with a Hobby Lobby customer representative to learn what rewards and benefits you can enjoy as an existing cardholder.

Where can I use my Hobby Lobby Credit Card?

You can use your Hobby Lobby credit card wherever Visa is accepted. You’ll find most institutions accept credit cards.

What points can you earn if you have a Hobby Lobby Credit Card?

The points that you earn depend on where you are shopping. You earn 1 point for every $1 spent outside of Hobby Lobby. You earn 5 points for every $1 spent at Hobby Lobby.

There are additional benefits that were available to Hobby Lobby credit cardholders. In the past, if you purchased within the first 90 days of opening your account, you would earn an additional 1000 points.

What do points mean?

Points translate into rewards cards. You need 2,500 points to receive a $25 Hobby Lobby rewards card. In the past, this was a simple way to earn money that went towards your next Hobby Lobby purchase.

How do I access my card balance and history?

You can still use the Accounts Receivable Card page to view information about your card balance and your history online. You require your card number, customer number, and billing ZIP code to view your balance and history.

Where can I use these Accounts Receivable cards?

You will need to use your AR card at your local store. You cannot use it online.

Does Hobby Lobby have any other rewards?

There is no current rewards program for Hobby Lobby. In exchange for rewards, gain many excellent coupons and promo codes for free right here. To access these promo codes and coupons, look through all the available options and find the one most suitable for your purchase. Click on the code to let it take you to the Hobby Lobby website. Alternatively, copy and paste the code into the promo code box at checkout.  

If you want to stay up-to-date with sales and coupons, sign up for their newsletter or download the Hobby Lobby app to your phone to easily get updates on the latest deals and promotions.

How can I save when shopping at Hobby Lobby if they don’t have rewards?

Hobby Lobby regularly offers popular categories and products at big discounts. They have a massive stock selection with over 70,000 products to choose from. Save by waiting for a special sale. Then, look for any coupons to increase the discount and savings on each purchase.

Does Hobby Lobby honor competitor’s ads?

Yes. Another way to save in-store is by bringing forward any competitor’s ads for price comparison. Hobby Lobby will price match if the standard retail price is lower at a competitor’s store. This price match is only for a full-price item, not discounted or sale items.

Does Hobby Lobby offer promo codes and coupons?

Many choose to shop at Hobby Lobby because of the excellent sales and promotional deals. Find all the promo codes and other discounts right here before you check out. Get great discount deals on certain products, free shipping coupons, and money off totals.

To stay up to date with these coupons, you will want to sign up for them. You can do this by inputting your email or downloading the Hobby Lobby app. Downloading the app might even give you a 40% off coupon to use on your first app purchase.

Another great way to save is to shop the clearance section first. Items from every category are on clearance every day. These items are surplus, discontinued, or part of last season’s stock.

You can shop art, beads and jewelry, crafts and hobbies, fabric and sewing, floral and wedding, home décor, paper crafts, yarn and needle art, party and baking, and seasonal stock every day. Saving is easy at Hobby Craft, even if you missed the deadline to sign up for a Hobby Lobby credit card. Try out the above methods to lower the cost of your order today.