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Home Depot Christmas Sales

Home Depot is essential for many homeowners and renters. You can find lumber and other building materials, decorating essentials like paint and stains, and of course, home appliances. Home Depot even offers home décor items, and it is these items that make it such a great destination during the Christmas season. 

Go to Home Depot to refresh your Christmas decorations and give your home a bit more Christmas magic. While you are there, find great gifts for your loved ones. There are great items for college students and young adults who have settled in their first home away from home. There are gifts for passionate gardeners and those who want to try their hand at their own vegetable garden come spring. 

With home décor items, furniture, and tools, there is something for everyone at Home Depot. Knowing how to save this Christmas Season will make all the difference. 

We know you love a great deal. To help you get the most out of your budget, we have put together everything you need to know about Christmas Sales, After Christmas Sales, and how to save every day at Home Depot. 

What sales are available in the lead-up to Christmas? 

The Black Friday sale is one of the bigger sales of the season. Black Friday specials have been as short as 4 days in the past and as long as 24 days. You can get 24% to 35% off items during this sale. 

The more useful deals last Black Friday were on Christmas Décor and power tools, where customers were able to get 60% off inflatable Christmas decorations and a buy-one-get-one-free deal on select power tools. 

What sales are available after Christmas? 

There are many great after-Christmas deals in winter. You can find huge sales on bath remodeling materials from January to March during their Bath Remodeling Sale. Find items discounted between 25% to 40% on select items. 

What Christmas gifts and Christmas items can I find at Home Depot? 

Home Depot offers a great range of gifts and decorations. If your loved one loves to cook, you can shop a range of small appliances at Home Depot. If your loved one is a gardener, you can shop the Garden Center and home décor items for plants, planters, seeds, and more. 

Home Depot has a wide range of power tools, sometimes at incredible discounts. These tools are perfect for the DIY enthusiast and professional tradesperson in your life. 

Home Depot has a huge selection of seasonal décor. This includes Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, and more. 

What are the daily sales and deals at Home Depot? 

Waiting for the Black Friday sale or after Christmas sales is not the only way to save around the Christmas season. There are several daily discounts you can apply for as well. 

The Special Buy of the Day deal 

Throughout the Christmas season, check in on the Special Buy of the Day deals. These items are on sale for the day and that day only. You can find big discounts between 25% to 50% off with free shipping. The items on sale are typically tools and materials, so if you or your loved one are investing in a big DIY or renovation project, you can help them out this Christmas.

Daily discounts you can find in-store 

You can always find discounts and deals in-store. If you find an item with a price that ends with a 3, then know this is the lowest price it’ll be on offer for until the store removes it in a few weeks. 

If you want to save on lumber for a personal project, look for the purple marked items for 70% off. 

Military 10% off discount

Active military members, veterans, and active military spouses can get a 10% military discount to use every day. You can save up to $400 per year with this discount on eligible items. You need to verify your or your spouse’s military service online or through the app to get this discount. Typically this only takes 5 minutes. Only spouses of active military personnel can apply for the discount. 

Price match brick-and-mortar competitors 

You can price match brick-and-mortar competitors. If you find a better price or discount at a competitor, and they have a physical store, you can often get the same discount at Home Depot. This price match excludes online-only sellers like Amazon or eBay. 

The good news is that if you have a coupon code for a Home Depot competitor and get a better deal on an item Home Depot stocks, they will price match your final total. 

Easy ways to get personalized coupons

You can get personalized coupons easily by signing up for their newsletter or text alerts. Each sign-up gives you a $5 off $50 discount. 

Every time you complete a Home Depot workshop, you get a 15% off coupon to use on eligible purchases. 

You can get personalized coupons and promotions by signing up for the Garden Club. 

Freebies you can get at Home Depot 

There are a few freebies that you can get at Home Depot. You can get free services any time you shop. Get your Home Depot paint retinted and shaken at any time for free. You can get lumber, and other materials professionally cut to your needs. 

Go to your local Home Depot when they open the first Saturday of December (or any month) and get a free Home Depot Kids Workshop Kit. These kits are very popular, so get there early. They start handing them out at 9am and are usually out of stock by midday.