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How Does Home Depot’s Rewards Program Work?

Home Depot has been a family staple for decades. It is the go-to destination for DIY enthusiasts and everyone looking for an affordable fix-it solution or home decorating provider. What makes Home Depot stand out isn’t its massive warehouses, but its knowledgeable and helpful staff that can help you with every project you take on. 

Also, it is one of the best destinations for deals, sales, and great low prices. Saving at Home Depot is easy, especially with the Pro Xtra Loyalty Program. This program is great for managing a large budget renovation or those working in the trades. With the Home Depot Pro Xtra Loyalty Program, you’ll save time, save money, and get rewarded. 

What is the Home Depot Pro Xtra Loyalty Program? 

Home Depot’s most famous and largest rewards program is its Pro Xtra Loyalty Program. This program is geared mostly towards professionals and offers a variety of discounts, perks, and even free tools. 

  1. Gain access to volume pricing 

You can save massively by buying in bulk, and at Home Depot, the best way to gain access to that volume pricing is by joining the Home Depot Pro Xtra Loyalty Program. All you need to do is assemble your project list, bring that list to the Pro Desk, and get a custom quote. 

  1. Save 20% on paints, stains, and primers 

Get 20% off every paint, stain, or primer you buy from Home Depot. It’s easy to get your order filled, and you’ll have both dedicated rep support and lifetime access to your color history so you can find previous jobs easily. 

  1. Get personalized offers directly to you 

Choose how you get personalized offers. You can get your offers to your email, sent to you in the mail, or sent through the in-app message center. 

  1. Easily organize your orders 

Manage a job easily by being able to track and manage your orders. Simplify your project management and prepare for your next tax return. On the app, add past purchase receipts, track your ongoing shipments, and even organize the orders by job/PO name. 

  1. Make it easy for your employees to go in your stead 

You can’t always be the one that goes to Home Depot to pick up what you need. To authorize your employee to make an in-store purchase with your card, all you need is to set up the cards. You’ll get a text and then approve the purchase wherever you are. 

  1. Use the free Pro Online Experience tools 

Pro Xtra members get access to the Pro Online Experience. This online tool makes it easy to save and print quotes, add and manage users, and create multiple lists so you can confidently manage your project. 

Who is this loyalty program for? 

This loyalty program is for professionals. If you are renovating your property yourself or, at the very least, buying the materials yourself, consider joining this loyalty program. If you are a project manager, contractor, or subcontractor, applying for the Pro Xtra Loyalty Program can be worthwhile. You get great deals and the ability to build up rewards and perks. You get free pro tools that make managing your project and preparing for your tax return easier. 

Why should I apply for a Pro Xtra Credit Card? 

Project managers and builders will benefit from the Pro Xtra Card. Now you can earn perks and unlock new perks 4x faster than before. Every $1 you spend with your Pro Xtra card brings you $4 closer to unlocking your next perk. When you open up a new card, save a further $100. 

How can I see all the benefits I have? 

You can easily see and access all of your benefits with the Home Depot app. This app is available for your phone. You can track your purchases, redeem your offers, and save when shopping online and in-store. To shop in-store, scan your Virtual ID before you check out. Online you need to be logged in to your Pro Xtra account. 

What are the perks of the Home Depot Pro Xtra Loyalty Program 

Every time you shop with your Xtra Pro card, you get a little bit closer to another perk. Your perk might be Pro Xtra Dollars or a tool rental opportunity. It’s easy to see and keep track of the personalized perks and rewards right in the app. 

What are the bonus perks of being a Home Depot Pro Xtra Loyalty member? 

You can get many extra perks just for being a member. Perks include a free drink or snack. These are available to every member and don’t require you to build up points or spend. All you need to do is sign up for the Home Depot Pro Xtra Loyalty Program. 

How else can I save when shopping at Home Depot? 

Home Depot regularly offers special savings and deals on products through the store. Some items are marked down. Other items may come with free delivery. You can explore all the latest deals right on the app. Also, find the latest deals and available coupons here in one easy destination. 

The other ways that you can save are available to everyone. This way, you can save even if you wouldn’t benefit from the Pro Xtra credit card. For those who regularly work on construction or renovation projects, the Pro Xtra loyalty membership can be the perfect way to save and improve your project management efficiency.