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8 Great Tips for Spring Cleaning

Spring has almost sprung! Hopefully blue skies and plenty of blooming flowers are just around the corner for you. But regardless of the weather, a new season means spring cleaning.

Whether you’re looking for motivation or need a new way to get organized, we’ve got the tips for you.


If you’ve got a lot of clutter to tackle, the mess can seem overwhelming. Instead of trying to organize everything at once, start with one area of your house. Once that area is complete, celebrate and move on to the next.


Nothing says spring cleaning like window washing right? To make sure you’re getting the most sunshine in through your windows, you’ll want to wash the inside and outsides. Pro tip: wash on a cloudy day so the sun won’t dry any cleanser before you’re done washing.


Rather than just wiping down blinds with a duster, close them and wipe a dryer sheet across them. This will create an antistatic barrier to prevent dust from building up.

Magic Eraser

A multipurpose cleaning sponge that can be used dry or wet cuts your cleaning time in half. Use it for bathtubs, sinks, countertops and dirty walls.

Glass and Mirrors

Instead of paper towels, which can leave streaks and lint behind, try coffee filters to clean your mirrors.

All Purpose Cleaners

There are many cleaning products out there that can pull double duty. Bar Keeper’s Friend works for just about everything, from glass-top stoves to counters to toilets and more. Or try diluting a dish liquid with water, like Seventh Generation.


To clean your microwave oven, microwave a cup of water with some baking soda in it until it’s boiling. You’ll be able to easily wipe away anything that was stuck on while also eliminating odors.


Best way to get rid of lime buildup around the faucet? Lay vinegar soaked paper towels over the fixture and let it set for an hour. The deposits will soften and become easier to remove.