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How to Combine Kay Jewelers Coupons and Discounts

Everyone loves a discount, especially on big-ticket items like fine jewelry. When it comes to affordable luxury KAY Jewelers has you covered. At KAY Jewelers, you can find everything from budget-friendly gifts to show-stopping engagement rings at the best prices around. Still, with this guide, you’ll be able to save even more by learning how to combine coupon and promo codes and how to get the most out of KAY Jewelers discounts and outlets. 

Can you stack coupons at KAY Jewelers? 

No. KAY Jewelers typically does not allow you to stack its coupons. However, you can combine discounts and deals. Use certain promo codes and coupons on top of sale items, discounted items, sample sale items, preowned items, and clearance items. 

Can you combine discounts at KAY Jewelers? 

Yes. Though you can only use one coupon or promo code at a time, you can often add a promo code on top of a sale item. This does not always apply. You will need to read the terms and conditions of the promo code in advance to see if you can use that promo code on top of a sale item. 

Occasionally, promo codes allow you to take an additional discount off sale items. You can keep up to date on all promo codes by checking here before you checkout or signing up for KAY Jewelers’ newsletter. 

Are there special promotions for being a KAY Jeweler cardholder? 

Yes. Cardholders get two big discounts per year. The first big discount is the $100 birthday discount. The second is a $100 anniversary discount. Use this unique discount code throughout the month of your birthday and card anniversary. You need to be actively using your card to make purchases throughout the year to qualify. 

How to use a KAY Jewelers promo code or coupon 

It’s easy to use a promo code at KAY Jewelers online. It is one of the first options you see in your basket. All you need to do is enter your promo code into the field and click “Apply.” While you can use most coupons online, you can only use certain ones in-store. Always check the conditions of the coupon to see if you can use it both online and in-store, just in-store, or just online. 

If you can only use a KAY Jewelers promo code online but want to pick it up in-store for any reason, you can easily shop available stock at your nearest KAY Jewelers store online. On their website (both KAY Jewelers and KAY Jewelers Outlet), all you need is to find your nearest store by entering your location. Then, select the “Pickup Today at Your Store or Same-Day Delivery to Your Door” option next to the filters. This will allow you to shop only in-stock items available for pickup. 

Same-Day delivery costs $29.95, but the pickup is free and is typically ready for you within 4 hours. 

Why isn’t my coupon or promo code working? 

There are several reasons why the promo code you have entered or tried to use in-store is not working. 

  • The coupon or promo code might have expired. 
  • You already have a promo code, or coupon applied. 
  • The coupon or promo code does not cover the product you are trying to buy (due to stated exclusions). 
  • The promo code is only available in-store or at certain locations. 
  • The promo code is only available for online shopping. 
  • The promo code only works at KAY Jewelers. 
  • The promo code only works at KAY Jewelers Outlet. 

What happens if I return an item that I purchased with a promo code? 

If you return your item in-store or by mailing the product back within the return window, you will be refunded the amount you paid, not the retail price of the item. You can return your KAY purchase by visiting any KAY Jeweler or Sterling Family of Jewelers location. Also, mail your online purchases back up to 30 days after your purchase was shipped. 

How else can I save when shopping at KAY Jewelers? 

There are many ways that you can save when shopping at KAY Jewelers.

  1. Shop at KAY Jewelers Outlet 

Shop at KAY Jewelers Outlet and enjoy big savings on many great pieces. KAY Jewelers Outlet has many excellent ongoing sale collections as well. You can save on fine jewelry by shopping from their: 

  • Sample Sale Collection 
  • Closeout Collection 
  • Clearance Collection 
  • Preowned Jewelry Collection 
  • Preowned Watch Collection 
  1. Wait for a sale 

Waiting for a sale is easy to do at KAY Jewelers because they have some big events throughout the year. Shop Valentine’s Day sale, Mother’s Day sale, their Big Summer blowout event, their Semi-Annual sale, their Black Friday sale, and their Big Holiday sale in December. 

You can expect a minimum of 25% off, with some sale items up to 50%, or even up to 75% off the ticket price. Apply certain coupons on discounted items. 

  1. Pickup last-minute gifts 

If you need a last-minute gift, a great way to avoid the $29.95 Same-Day Delivery fee is to pick it up in-store. You use the same selection online to shop the available stock at your nearest KAY Jeweler store. After you checkout, you’ll get an email or text to let you know when your item is available to collect. This is very fast. Your order will usually be ready for you within 4 hours. 

You can even get it wrapped while you are there!