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5 Ways to Get the Most out of Goodshop

At Goodshop, it’s our mission to bring you a great experience. If you’re new to the site (welcome!), these are the top tips we’d love for you to know.

If you’re a long-time Goodshop user, you might already be a pro in the know — but you might learn something new about how Goodshop works, too. Got a favorite tip to add to the list? Leave a message in the comments!

1. Choose Your Favorite Stores

It’s easier to save money when you don’t have to weed through irrelevant coupons. One of the easiest ways to personalize Goodshop is to choose some favorite stores. When you tell us the stores you love the most, we’ll make sure you never miss a deal. We’ll send you a weekly email with exclusive deals and hand-picked coupons. You’ll stay in the know without having to search every time you shop.

We have over 30,000 online retailers to choose from, like Target, Amazon, Macy’s, Sephora, REI, Kohl’s, Expedia, and thousands of others. You can pick as many favorites as you want. So go ahead, just tap the hearts to show your love.

Add Favorite Stores

2. Choose a Cause to Support

Giving back is the heart of shopping with Goodshop. When you choose a cause to support, we’ll donate to them when you shop — at no extra cost to you! There’s no catch, no small print, and there will never be any hidden fees. We’ve developed partnerships with online stores to make this happen.

We donate an average of 3% of each sale to your chosen cause, and we’ve donated over $12 million so far. You’ll never have to pay extra for this benefit. We have over 114,000 causes to choose from, so you’re bound to find one that pulls at your heartstrings. Choose a cause to support today.

Choose a Cause

3. Make Sure You’re Signed In When You Shop

Once you’ve chosen a cause, make sure you’re signed in when you shop! If you’re connected to your account, we’ll be able to give back to the right place. If you’re not signed in, we won’t know where to donate.

Make sure you’re signed in, then shop through Goodshop. Search for coupons, or just choose a favorite store to shop at. Whether you use a coupon or not, we’ll donate a percentage of your sale to your cause. And it never costs extra for you! It’s that easy.

(If you’re having trouble with your Goodshop login, please email us: [email protected])

Sign In

4. Download Our Mobile App

To get the best of Goodshop while you’re on the go, download our mobile app for iPhone or Android. The Goodshop Coupons app is the easiest way to use Goodshop any time, anywhere.

With it, you can get the latest coupons, shop your favorite stores, browse through popular deals, and discover new favorites. You’ll even be able to track your donations in your account and see how much you’ve raised over time.

Get the Mobile App

5. Earn Bonus Money by Referring Your Friends

Sharing is caring! Did you know we donate extra money to your cause for every friend you refer? It’s easy to earn more for your cause just by telling your friends about Goodshop. When you create an account, you’ll get a personal referral link. Share this link on social media or over email to spread the word.

When a friend you’ve referred makes their first purchase of $25 or more, we’ll donate $5 to each of your chosen causes. The more friends you tell, the more your cause will receive. Everybody wins when you share!

Just sign in to your account, then choose Refer a Friend from the drop-down menu, or click here.

Refer a Friend


It’s important for us to feel you are getting the most out of Goodshop. If you’re having trouble using the site or need to contact us, please reach out: [email protected].