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Home Depot Saving Tips

Home Depot has everything you need to bring your DIY project to life. It is one of the go-to hardware stores for professionals. It has everything you need, whether you are an everyday homeowner looking to update the look of your home or a professional working on your next project. With regular sales and plenty of top saving tips, you can stretch your budget further and bring your next project to life. 

  1. Check for coupons, discounts, and sales here before checkout 

We compile all the most up-to-date coupons, discounts, and sale information right here so that you can always check for any additional deals before you checkout online or in-store. Check here before you check out and increase your savings. 

  1. Go online for the Special Buy of the Day 

Home Depot offers special discounts every day, but only online. Shop the Special Buy of the Day section online to find these special deals. You can find significant savings between 25% to 50% on items. On top of the discount, your order will automatically qualify for free shipping. Check regularly to see the current discount at Home Depot. 

Though Home Depot price matches competitors’ sale prices, it does not price match Special Buy of the Day sales in-store. You can only shop for these special deals online. 

  1. Earn personalized coupons 

There are several additional coupons that you can earn. 

  • Sign up for email alerts, and you will get a $5 off $50 coupon. 
  • Sign up for text alerts, and you will get a $5 off $50 coupon. 
  • Complete a Home Depot workshop to receive a special 15% off coupon. 
  • If you are military personnel, a veteran, or a family member, get 10% off every time you shop. 
  1. Join the Garden Club for special promotions and free gifts 

If you shop at the garden center regularly, sign up for the Garden Club. This is a great way to get special garden promotions, personalized discounts, and free gifts. 

  1. Plant died? Get a refund 

All plants sold at Home Depot come with a 1-year warranty. If your plant dies before then, you can return it. You do need to bring the plant and the original receipt so keep those receipts well organized. 

  1. Skip the trip and try subscriptions 

Certain items are offered with a subscribe-and-save option. Buy these items online and set up the frequency, and you are set! You save 5% on subscribe-and-save items every time your order renews. You also save on time and gas. Subscription items come with free shipping. 

  1. Get price match on items to save 

Home Depot will price-match any brick-and-mortar competitor. This excludes competitors like Amazon or eBay, though occasionally managers make an exception. Home Depot may even price match discounted items. For example, if you can buy an item for less with a coupon at a competitor’s store Home Depot may price match the discounted price. 

  1. Shop the big sales throughout the year

There are many big sales to shop for throughout the year. There are two Black Friday sales. The first Black Friday sale is on Black Friday, the second is in the spring and is known as the Spring Black Friday Sale. 

The other big sales are the Memorial Day Sale, The Fourth of July Sale, and the Labor Day Sale. 

  1. Get free services at Home Depot 

Home Depot offers many free services for all Home Depot customers and on many products.

  • Home Depot paint can be retinted and shaken at any time for free.
  • Home Depot professionally cut lumber, chains, wires, and other materials to size in-store. 
  • You get free installation for Carpets over $599. 
  • Home Depot will repair tools that have cover from their warranty.
  1. Rent instead of buy at Home Depot 

If you are a DIYer and only need a tool for a few days, then rent them. Renting will save you every time both on costs and on storage space. By renting, you can splurge for better tools for the job, get the job done, and return it for far less than the retail price of the item. 

  1. Save by shopping the Home Depot Rebate Center 

Save with special rebates on big appliances like refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, ovens, and more. You will need to get a multi-buy order to get the more significant rebates. If you have recently moved and are looking to upgrade your entire kitchen, this can be a great way to save. You can even get a rebate on the installation costs. 

  1. Get free shipping or low-cost delivery 

Most items you buy will qualify for free shipping. Online you can get free two-day delivery on orders over $45. This free shipping promotion applies to over 1 million items for those within the 48 contiguous states and hundreds of thousands of items for those in Hawaii or Alaska. 

  1. You get free shipping on appliances over $396. 

If you are shopping in-store and the item is too large to bring home in your own vehicle, you can rent a Load ‘n Go van for $19. This $19 covers 75 minutes. You will need to load up your vehicle, drive it, home, unload it, and return it within this time. You can get the Load’ n Go for $129 per day if you need more time. If you do need it for a day, you may find better rental deals elsewhere.