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Staples Christmas Sales

Staples is a great destination for all your school and office supplies. It can be the perfect place for Christmas gifts. You can shop great tech and office furniture, and you can find excellent personalized gifts and art supplies. This Christmas, there is something for everyone at Staples and many ways to save. To help you save during your Christmas shopping, we have put together a big list of Christmas sales and how to save this season. 

What sales are available before Christmas? 

There are many big sales in the lead-up to Christmas. 

Weekly Sales 

You will find new offers and discounts every week starting on Sundays. To check what is on offer that week, sign up for the Weekly Ad newsletter. You can shop these deals both online and in-store. 

Black Friday Sales 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the bigger sales in the lead-up to Christmas. Cyber Monday specials, in particular, offer big discounts. You can get 30% off Cyber Monday specials and up to $280 off personal laptops. You can find most discounts on office furniture and electronics, so if you are planning on upgrading your loved ones’ office or gaming setup, this is one of the optimal sales to do that with. 

Christmas Sales 

You can stay up to date with all the Christmas sales and special discounts by signing up for the email newsletter of text notifications. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can even get a special coupon for signing up. Once you enroll, you will get a $15 off $60 coupon that you can use this Christmas. 

What deals can I get after Christmas? 

On top of the weekly sales, you can find Christmas decorations and stationery after-Christmas sales. Save on next year’s holiday cards and more by shopping the after-Christmas sales at Staples. 

How can I save more on my Christmas shopping? 

Many of the bigger discounts at Staples are not from sales alone. Stack your discounts and enjoy bigger savings by joining the Rewards program, getting coupons and discounts, and shopping the refurbished section for your electronics. With patients and the tips in this guide, you will be able to enjoy the bigger discounts this season. 

Add coupons for bigger discounts 

One of the easier ways to save on your Christmas shopping outside of waiting for sales is to use coupons and discounts. You can only access many rewards and discounts if you join the Rewards program because they have a 1 limit use. This means you can only use the coupon once before it is no longer valid. You can use more than 1 coupon per order, allowing you to stack them.

You can use up to 10 product coupons per order. If you have a coupon for all seven items in your basket, you can easily stack your discounts. If you have a transaction coupon, meaning that the coupon applies a discount to your order total, you cannot combine that coupon with any other offer. 

Shop Refurbished 

If you plan on shopping for electronics, then save by looking at the online Refurbished section. Refurbished electronics come with a 1 year warranty and can help you save up to 45% off the retail price. Staples is an authorized refurbisher for many brands, so you know that your refurbished item is in good condition. 

Join Staples’ Rewards Program 

If you want to get the most out of Staples during Christmas and throughout the year, you will want to sign up for Staples Rewards. 

If you regularly shop at Staples, then sign up for Rewards at any time. If you don’t usually shop at Staples but wanted to get a good deal on stocking stuffers, sign up within 3 months of Christmas. This is because a promotion gives new Rewards members free access to Base+ for three months. 

Base+ gets free shipping on all orders, perfect if you aren’t intending to buy a big Christmas gift and are instead looking for good stocking stuffers. 

Joining the Rewards program is free and easy and lets you get a few very important benefits. 

  1. You get 2% (with Base and Base+) or 5% (with Premier or Elite) back in Rewards that you can use towards a Staples purchase in the future. 
  2. Free shipping. With Base and Base+, you can get free standard shipping. With Premier and Elite, you get free next-day delivery. 
  3. Exclusive access to special coupons and discounts. 
  4. For Premier and Elite members, you can get special access to sales. 

If you own a business, then singing up for Rewards is a great way to save throughout the year and put some of those Rewards to good use during Christmas, especially if you’re a business where your output needs to increase during this busy festive period. 

Give back by joining the Classroom Rewards Program 

While you are signing up for the Rewards Program, you should download the Staples Connect app and sign up for Classroom Rewards. You earn both rewards simultaneously, making giving as easy as receiving this Christmas. 

Classroom Rewards allows you to get 5% back in Rewards to donate to local teachers or schools in your area. Help your local educators pay for those craft and art supplies so students can decorate their classrooms and schools for the holiday. It’s easy, free, and can help make the season more magical for students in your area.