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How Does Boscov’s Rewards Program Work?

Boscov’s has everything you need. It is one of America’s biggest family-run department stores that offers the lowest prices on everything from clothes to electronics to furniture. With so many essentials from big to small available, Boscov’s is the perfect go-to destination for your shopping needs.

On top of offering great low rates, exceptional sale deals, and promo codes, you can save with Boscov’s RewardsClub. With a Boscov’s Credit Card, you can earn cashback to spend in-store or online at Boscov’s at any time.

What is Boscov’s RewardsClub?

Boscov’s RewardsClub is a series of programs attached to Boscov’s credit card. Once you apply and receive your credit card, start using it as normal. Click the checkout button “Boscov’s Credit Express Checkout” when you are ready to pay for your goods. Every dollar you spend with your new credit card will translate into points. Redeem these at a later date to spend at Boscov’s.

Are there different reward levels?

Most credit cards come with different reward levels. High spenders jump up the rewards levels and get more back. The same applies to Boscov’s credit card.

Boscov’s RewardsClub has five Club Levels:

  • Chairman’s Club
  • Premier Club
  • Gold Club
  • Platinum Club
  • Diamond Club

Each club level increases the point multiplier and the benefits that you receive.

Boscov’s Redemption Chart

The number of points the customer receives per dollar spent with their Boscov’s credit card depends on the club program they are currently in. There are special programs and additional bonuses for shopping from certain locations and for certain products, but generally, the Point Multiplying system is fairly straightforward.

  Club Program    Boscov’s Point Multiplier
Chairman’s Club$1 = 1 point
Premier Club$1 = 1 point
Gold Club$1 = 2 points
Platinum Club$1 = 3 points
Diamond Club$1 = 4 points


What are the member benefits of each club level?

Each club level increases the number of benefits that you enjoy as a cardholder.

Chairman’s Club

To reach the Chairman’s Club level, you need to spend $500 at Boscov’s with the Boscov’s credit card. Chairman’s Club members receive 1 point for every $1 spent. On top of this, receive:

  • Advance notice of sale events
  • Special discount events for cardholders
  • Special coupons for cardholders

Premier Club

To reach the Premier Club level, you will need to spend $1000 at Boscov’s with the Boscov’s credit card. Once you do, you receive 1 point for every $1 spent, all the benefits of the Chairman’s Club, and special Premier Club members coupons.

Gold Club

To reach Gold Club membership, you need to spend $2000 at Boscov’s with a Boscov’s credit card. Start to earn 2 points for every $1 spent, all previous benefits, as well as special Gold Club member coupons.

Platinum Club

To reach Platinum status, you need to spend $3000 at Boscov’s with your credit card. Once you do, you start to earn 3 points for every $1 spent and get all previous benefits and special Platinum Club coupons.

Diamond Club

To reach Diamond Club status, you will need to spend $5000 at Boscov’s with your credit card. The benefits you receive include all previous benefits and special Diamond Club coupons. Also, start to receive 4 points for every $1 spent.

What kind of rewards do you receive with your Boscov’s Reward Points?

Redeem every 500 points for $5 to spend at a Boscov’s store. Higher-ranking club members earn more cashback for their purchases.

For example, a Chairman’s Club member earns only a $5 B Rewarded Certificate for every $500 spent. Those in the Diamond Club earn a $20 B Rewarded Certificate for the same $500.

How can I redeem my points?

You will receive a REWARDS Gift Card Certificate automatically with your February statement every year. You can redeem your points any other time in 2,500 increments.

Do you need a Boscov’s credit card to join RewardsClub?

Yes. You need to have and use Boscov’s credit card to earn points. You can easily apply if you have a pre-screened identification number for a Boscov’s credit card, or you can apply online.

How can I manage my Boscov’s credit account?

It’s easy to manage your Boscov’s credit account online. Sign in, and you can handle all of your account needs. You can view your balance and what is due, pay your bills online, view, download, or print your statement, see your reward points, and keep track of your recent transactions. You Boscov’s Credit account differs from the shopping account. Click “My Account” on Boscov’s website to bring up both sign-in options.

Is there a special deal available for new members?

New members can earn even more with their Boscov’s Credit Card. You will need to enroll with the B Rewarded Program when you sign up. The benefits cover everything from extra points to special discounts.

Taking advantage of this current offer means you can earn 2 points for every $1 and 4 points for every $1 spent in Boscov’s Cosmetics and Fragrances. Also, boost the points you receive. B Rewarded Program members earn an additional 2000 points every time they spend $1000 in a program year. Spend $3000 in a year to receive an additional 6000 Reward Points.

New card members have 30 days after opening their account to get an extra 15% off their first purchase. Also, enjoy a special birthday bonus offer and holiday bonus offer to enjoy, and several additional 15% off events exclusive for cardholders.