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Kay Jewelers Military Discount Guide

You can get the best deals on jewelry at both KAY Jewelers and KAY Jewelers Outlet. Between the ongoing sale sections, excellent holiday and seasonal sales, and the ability to add promo codes before you check out, there are many ways everyone can save big on fine jewelry at KAY Jewelers. 

With so many great discounts and sale options, you can find something special for every budget. We have put together this comprehensive guide to help you learn more about how military personnel, veterans, and their families can save when shopping at KAY Jewelers.

Does KAY Jewelers have a specific military discount? 

No. Neither KAY Jewelers nor KAY Jewelers Outlet offers a specific military discount. Though there isn’t a specific discount for military members, there are many great ways to save upwards of 75% off your fine jewelry purchases throughout the year. 

How can military personnel, veterans, and their families get the most savings at KAY Jewelers? 

With so many discounts, sales, and clearance collections at KAY Jewelers, military personnel, veterans, and their families can enjoy some of the lowest prices available. To get the biggest deals and discounts, use these top tips. 

  1. Shop at the outlet stores 

KAY Jewelers has an outlet branch called KAY Jewelers Outlet. You can shop KAY Jewelers Outlet online or in-store if you have a KAY Jewelers Outlet near you. Outlet stores allow you to immediately enjoy bigger savings on quality products year-round. You’ll find great deals on last season’s stock and outlet-only products. With a quality guarantee and ongoing sale collections, you will have every chance to enjoy 25% to 75% off the ticket price. 

  1. Shop the clearance sections 

KAY Jewelers has a clearance section that allows you to save big on last season’s lines, discontinued designs, and more. KAY Jewelers Outlet has ongoing sale collections that include: 

  • Sample Sale 
  • Closeout
  • Clearance 

Jewelry designs are typically quite timeless, so looking at the discontinued designs, low stock, and last seasons’ lines is a great way to find something special at an excellent price. These sections often have products discounted between 25% to 75% off the ticket price. 

  1. Shop secondhand for affordable luxury 

KAY Jewelers has a preowned section for both jewelry and watches. This preowned jewelry is carefully cleaned and restored before being put back on the market. Each piece is practically one-of-a-kind and lovingly restored to its original brilliance. 

For example, when it comes to getting an incredible deal on diamond rings, save upwards of 75% off the ticket price by shopping preowned. 

  1. Wait for a KAY Jewelers sale 

KAY Jewelers has ongoing clearance and sale sections available throughout the year. Your best bet is to wait for a sale to get great discounts on their main lines and premium designs. KAY Jewelers has both seasonal and holiday sales. The best news is that they have sales before big holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and other winter holidays. 

On top of holiday sales, wait for a seasonal sale like their Big Summer Sale or their Semi-Annual sale. 

To stay up-to-date on all their sales and promotions, check here or sign up for their newsletter to stay in the know about the latest deals, promotions, and coupons.  

  1. Always search for promo codes or discounts before you check out 

You cannot stack promo codes at KAY Jewelers, but you can use promo codes on top of sale items. Promo codes and coupons vary, so always check the terms and conditions to see exemptions and what KAY Jewelers includes in the promo code. If you have more than one promo code that works but cannot combine them, remember to choose the option that gives you the biggest discount. 

  1. Apply for a KAY Jewelers credit card 

There are a few benefits to having a KAY Jewelers credit card. The first is that you get two massive discounts per year. The first discount is a $100 discount for your birthday to use during that month. The second is another $100 discount, which is for your card’s anniversary. 

There are some restrictions. You need to use your card at least once within the last 12 months and will have to have used it once at least 30 days before your birthday or anniversary to qualify. There are other restrictions, so be sure to read through the fine print so that you know how to get the most out of your discount. 

On top of these discounts, spread out the cost of your KAY Jewelers purchase with 0% interest. There are a few special financing plans that you can immediately enjoy as a KAY Jewelers cardholder. 

Pay off a big purchase in 6 months, 12 months, or 18 months and don’t pay interest. Of course, if you don’t pay off your purchase during your selected period, you will have to pay the full interest, so make sure to pay it off before that final deadline! 

  1. Lease-to-own your jewelry at KAY Jewelers 

Another financing option is KAY’s leasing program. This program allows you to take home big-ticket items and pay them off throughout the year. Until that final payment, you do not technically own the item. This can be a great way to spread out the costs of items like watches or even an engagement ring. It can be an alternative to the credit card or special financing plans while still lowering the overall product’s cost.