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How to Combine Kohl’s Coupons

If you love coupons, chances are you can’t get enough of stacking them. Allowing you to take advantage of multiple discounts on any one order, Kohl’s is one of the best retailers for allowing you to stack coupons. 

Whether you are new to using coupon codes or you need help stacking, the below guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to combine Kohl’s Coupons. 

How To Enter a Kohl’s Promo Code Online

Any Kohl’s coupon you receive will be automatically added to your wallet, making the process of applying coupon codes simple and stress-free. 

Each online-eligible coupon that you have will have a promo code associated with it. It is this code that you will need to apply online to get your discount. Printed in a bold font, find the codes on the coupon. 

How to apply a Kohl’s promo code on a desktop or tablet 

  • Click the dropdown button in the action panel at the top of the screen on the checkout page.
  • Apply your promo by either clicking on a saved coupon or by manually typing in your code. 

Some Kohl’s promotional codes are only valid with a Kohl’s card, so your discount will not be applied until you select your payment method. 

How to apply a Kohl’s promo code on your mobile or the Kohl’s app 

  • Tap the shopping cart in the top-right-hand corner to start the checkout process.
  • Tap apply next to the Kohl’s Cash and Discounts. 
  • Enter your promo code. Alternatively, tap the + next to the coupon in your wallet. 

Again, some codes are not valid unless you pay with a Kohl’s credit card. Therefore, you may have to wait until you select your payment method before you see your discount applied. 

How Does Kohl’s Apply Coupons?

If you want to try and apply your Kohl’s coupons in a specific order for maximum savings, you should know that Kohl will always apply them in the same order. 

This is as follows:

  1. Kohl’s first applies any department-specific dollar-off or percentage-off coupons to all qualifying items.
  2. Then they subtract any dollar-off coupons such as Kohl’s Cash and Rewards Cash from the total.
  3. Kohl’s then applies one site-wide or store-wide percentage-off item to qualifying items.

Kohl’s gift cards and Kohl’s merchandise credits are not considered coupons and will be applied to your final total in the same way as cash. 

You can use a minimum of four gift cards or Kohl’s Merchandise Credits per order. 

How to Apply Multiple Kohl’s Coupons 

You can use a maximum of four coupon codes per order at Kohls.com. 

You can apply:

  • Only one site-wide % off coupon per order
  • Multiple department-specific $ off or % off coupons per order
  • Multiple $ off coupons such as Kohl’s Cash and Rewards 

Also, apply a free shipping coupon alongside any of the above coupons. As Kohl’s uses your other coupons online after calculating the shipping totals, if your total is $75 or more, you should still qualify for free shipping. 

Why Isn’t My Promo Code Working?

Certain items and brands are not eligible for discounts as they feature on the Kohl’s Exclusions List. If your coupon code is not working, this may be the reason why. 

Some coupon codes are only valid on specific product categories such as home goods or luggage, so make sure you check the terms and conditions before applying. 

If you manually add your Kohl’s coupon code rather than use one saved in your wallet, you may have made a typing error. Also, certain Kohl’s coupon codes have expiry dates, so it is worth checking the small print for this if your code is not working. 

Can I Stack Kohl’s Coupons In-Store?

If you would prefer to shop in your local store, you can still take advantage of stacking Kohl’s coupons. The same rule applies as with online shopping; you can stack up to four coupons for any one transaction. 

When you are ready to check out, your cashier can scan your coupons directly from your Kohl’s app wallet, or you can hand over printed copies of your Kohl’s coupons. 

One added benefit of using Kohl’s coupons in-store is that if you have forgotten a coupon at home, you can ask the cashier if they have a spare one as they often keep a stash at their stations. 

Can I Combine Kohl’s Cash & Kohl’s Coupons?

Yes, you can. As Kohl’s Cash is effectively just like real cash when you use it at Kohl’s, you can use Kohl’s coupon codes during the same transaction as Kohl’s Cash. Spend Kohl’s Cash either at your nearest Kohl’s store, at Kohls.com, or via the Kohl’s app. 

When you check out, your Kohl’s coupon codes apply to each item, followed by your Kohl’s Cash. Also, add your Kohl’s Cash to your wallet so that you don’t miss out on any promotional windows where you can enjoy savings. 

To combine Kohl’s Cash and Kohl’s Coupons, follow the below steps:

  • Visit the Kohl’s website, app, or your nearest store. 
  • Apply all your Kohl’s coupon codes.
  • Apply your Kohl’s Cash.
  • Complete your transaction. 

How Else Can I Save at Kohl’s?

As well as applying the latest Kohl’s promo codes to your orders, there are many other ways that you can save when you shop at Kohl’s:

  • Apply for a Kohl’s credit card.
  • Sign up for Kohl’s emails. 
  • Look out for the Kohl’s mystery offer.
  • Check out Kohl’s sales calendar.