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Kay Jewelers Senior Discount Guide

KAY Jewelers and KAY Jewelers Outlet offer some of the best deals on jewelry. These deals are offered to everyone, allowing customers of all ages to get the best prices on jewelry throughout the year. 

This guide will help you understand how you can save when shopping for fine jewelry at Kay Jewelers and Kay Jewelers Outlet. You’ll learn about the best ways to save in-store and how to apply promo codes and coupons to increase your savings even more. 

Does KAY Jewelers have a specific senior discount? 

No. KAY Jewelers and KAY Jewelers Outlet don’t offer a specific discount for seniors. However, despite not having a special discount for seniors, they offer multiple ways to save throughout the year. 

How can seniors get the most savings and discounts at KAY Jewelers? 

The good news is that there are many excellent ways for seniors to save when shopping at KAY Jewelers. 

  1. Shop at KAY Jewelers Outlet 

To get the best prices at any time of the year, shop at KAY Jewelers Outlet instead of the headline store. KAY Jewelers Outlet stocks previous season styles, special Outlet lines, preowned jewelry, sample sale items, and more at the best prices. 

  1. Explore the sale lines for big discounts year-round 

KAY Jewelers offers sales throughout the year. You can often find specific sales on certain lines when visiting either KAY Jewelers or KAY Jewelers Outlet. Also, explore the special sale collections at KAY Jewelers Outlet, including:

  • Sample Sale Collection 
  • Clearance Collection 
  • Closeout Collection 
  • Preowned Jewelry and Watches 

The products in these collections rotate and change regularly, so check in often to get between 25% to 75% off beautiful pieces for him and her. 

  1. Shop preowned and restored jewelry 

KAY Jewelers’ preowned and restored jewelry collection allows you to save on big-ticket items like engagement rings. Save upwards of 75% on diamond rings and more by shopping the ever-changing preowned and restored collections. Enjoy unique yet heavily discounted items. 

  1. Search and apply coupons and promo codes before checkout 

Before you check out in-store or online, check here for any promo code or additional discount that you can apply for further discounts. KAY Jewelers often offers great promo codes that allow you to reduce the price of your order even further.  

Use promo codes to save on several KAY Jewelers services, like cleaning or repair. 

  1. Apply for a KAY Jewelers credit card  

Apply for a KAY Jewelers credit card to take advantage of four big benefits. 

  1. 0% interest on 6-month, 12-month, and 18-month financing plans for big-ticket purchases at KAY Jewelers. 
  2. $100 discount for your birthday. 
  3. $100 discount for your credit card anniversary. 
  4. Easy entry into sweepstakes competitions. 
  1. Wait for KAY Jewelers Sales 

KAY Jewelers offers some of the best sales in the jewelry business. Waiting for these sales periods and using the above tips to help you save can help you get the best deals. You don’t have to wait long, either. KAY Jewelers has sale specials throughout the year with big events for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Black Friday, and throughout the summer and December. 

  1. Get free shipping and delivery 

KAY Jewelers offers great free shipping deals on orders with a minimum spend. KAY Jewelers covers most of your orders with their free shipping promotion except for a few budget-friendly items. 

What sales should seniors wait for at KAY Jewelers? 

Being patient pays off. Seniors can save even more on premium and regularly priced items by waiting for these big sales. Sales either offer big discounts on select lines or additional discounts on top of all products – including clearance items. 

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day sales allow you to save from 25% to 50% at Kay Jewelers and between 25% to 75% at Kay Jewelers Outlet. Show your love with jewelry, just for much less. 

Mother’s Day 

KAY Jewelers offers between 25% to 50% (and sometimes upwards of 60%) off in May during its Mother’s Day Sale event. You can typically get even better deals at the KAY Jewelry Outlet as well, so remember to check both websites. 

Semi-Annual Sale 

The Semi-Annual Sale lasts for just three days. During these three days, save big with a special promo code for the sale. The last Semi-Annual Sale offered customers the chance to take an additional 25% off orders less than $1499 and an additional 35% off orders more than $1500. You could use this promo code on regularly priced and discounted items. 

Big Summer Sale 

The Big Summer Sale is one of the biggest of the year. Expect sales up to 60% off select lines both in-store and online. Subscribe to their newsletter for reminders about this sale. 

Black Friday Sale 

Black Friday Sales at KAY Jewelers start at 25% and increase from there. At KAY Jewelers, expect discounts between 25% and 50%. At Kay Jewelers Outlet, expect greater discounts across lines. For the best selection of products, always sign up for the KAY Jewelers newsletter for early Black Friday Sale access. 

Big Holiday Sale 

There is one final big sale of the year in December. Rather than a Boxing Day sale, KAY Jewelers Big Holiday Sale occurs before Christmas. It typically lasts around a week. During this sale, find products discounted between 25% and 50%. Save big in the lead-up to Christmas, or give yourself a stunning piece of jewelry ready to wear throughout the festive period.