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How to Plan the Perfect Weekend Getaway

Our weeks are typically so jam packed that the weekend sneaks up on us. Or maybe you’re counting down the days obsessively waiting for Friday. But for such a short break from the normal work week, we should make the most of our weekends.

Instead of doing the same thing you do every weekend, why not take a trip? A weekend getaway on the cheap is definitely possible! So for all you weekend warriors, here are some tips and tricks to save money on your next getaway.

Drive, don’t fly

This may seem like a no brainer for a quick weekend trip but driving saves you time and money. While going to the airport and booking a last-minute cheap flight may be romanticized, taking a car gives you more flexibility on where you can go. If you don’t own a vehicle, check out car rental services. These Zipcar coupons, deals and offers can help you save money on last-minute bookings.

Play tourist

Plan a “staycation” and enjoy your city or hometown. You can play tourist and check out attractions you want to see but never do. Or check out a nearby city you haven’t been to before. Take advantage of local deals  by using these Groupon offers to see what’s going on near you.

Last-minute cancellations

Call hotels and bed-and-breakfasts to see if there are any last-minute cancellations. Typically these rooms will go for cheaper as hotels want to keep rooms booked. Bonus tip: if possible, book your reservation for Saturday through Monday or book a room on a Saturday. Hotwire often posts “secret” deals, and if you find a lower price for the same hotel within 24 hours they’ll will refund the difference. You can also use these Hotwire deals and offers to save even more money.


Group travel

While a solo trip can be fun, traveling with friends can help split up costs and is a great way to reconnect! You can share hotel rooms and break up the cost of gas, and even snag some group discounts on meals, entrance fees, admission tickets and more.

Bundle tickets

Speaking of entrance fees and admission tickets- you can lower the overall amount of money you’d spend on individual tickets by getting bundle admission tickets. The deals are typically for quirky or lesser-known attractions but provide more local flavor. Sign up for email deals for your destination and use these CityPass coupons, offers and deals to see savings galore.

Now you can become a bonafide weekend warrior and take a break from your everyday routine. Be sure to let us know any money-saving tips you have for travel!