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Save Money On These Fitness Clothing Trends

New year, new you! Fitness related goals are some of the most popular resolutions people make every year. But whether you’re looking to run a marathon, try a new fitness class or just want to actually get to the gym, everyone needs clothing.

The type of clothing we wear to work out in matters (cotton vs. sweat-wicking fabric) but they can also be motivators. We’ve rounded up some top trends in fitness apparel as well top offers and deals to help you save money. Now you have no excuse to not work up a sweat!


Activewear with strategically placed cut-outs were a big hit last year, and we don’t see this trend going away anytime soon. Shirts with open backs are a way to provide some ventilation while also showing off a cute sports bra or under layer. Old Navy has trendy and decently priced workout tops and you’ll save even more money when you use these Old Navy coupons, offers and deals.

Mesh leggings

Another popular activewear trend that will continue this year? Leggings with mesh inserts. They add fashionable flair to your activewear, transition seamlessly from sweat to street and give a full-coverage pant some breathability. Many retailers that sell activewear have mesh leggings so go with a pair in the style you like best. Be sure to use these Athleta coupons, offers and deals to save extra money.

Fit to print

Prints of all kinds are big in activewear. From subtle florals and jungle gardens to full on galaxies, printed leggings are a fun trend to try. You can even get watercolor printed water bottles! Be sure to use these Sweaty Betty offers and deals to pick up a pair of floral tights or these S’well coupons so you can stay hydrated.

Do you have any fitness resolutions? What do you like to wear when you work up a sweat? Tell us what motivates you to hit the gym!