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Tips on Booking a Luxury Cruise for Less

How to Book a Luxury Cruise for Less

Imagine walking aboard a magnificent cruise ship and having a hostess quickly at your side. She’s offering you a tall glass of bubbly while an eager staff whisks away your bags. Yes, the days of the first-class luxury liner are not lost. In fact, as a guest on a high-end cruise , you can expect personalized service, exotic destinations, fine wines, and top-level entertainment.

Now, I’m guessing your next question won’t be about the size of the pool or the musical guest stars but, instead, how much all of this lavish leisure is going to cost you. Well, I have some good news. While liners like Regent Seven Seas, Oceania and Crystal Cruises, all recently named the top three luxury fleets by U.S. News and World Report, are certainly not cheap, you can save a significant amount if you know some tricks.

  • Booking early can be a real budget saver, as most luxury liners offer their best fares early and then raise rates as cabins sell out.
  • Flexibility helps save funds, too. Being flexible on season, dates, and length of stay can save a surprising amount.
  • Use a travel agent from a luxury consortium like Virtuoso or Ensemble. These agents are not only very knowledgeable, but they can join with their partner agencies to negotiate special rates and perks for their clients.
  • Look online for extra savings from cruise category sites like cruisedirect.com which often feature coupons you can use in conjunction with any other savings you are getting from specific cruise lines. Also, be sure to check out our cruise coupons and deals page, as well as the discounts and savings for cruises on general travel sites like Travelocity and Expedia.