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How to Save Money for the Holidays

We don’t know if you’ve realized but Christmas is coming. (That explains all the decorations and holiday cheer everywhere.) But between holiday parties, travel and gift shopping it’s difficult to keep your wallet full.

Fortunately there are ways to have leftover change. You can save money when buying gifts and even earn some extra cash this winter. Read on for tips to save money this holiday season!

Shop with Goodshop

This is a bit of an obvious one (and we’re a little biased) but when you use Goodshop coupons and offers you’re saving money in ways you may not realize. We work to find the best deals so you can save time and money. Plus, we donate a percentage to a nonprofit or charity of your choice. You get to shop, save money and give back, all in one convenient place!

Potluck parties

If you’re planning a holiday get together, try potluck dinners where everyone brings a dish. For any friends who don’t cook, ask them to bring wine or other drinks, decorations or takeout appetizers. You can use these Wine.com coupons, offers and deals to get discounts on a bottle (or two.)

Make a list… and check it twice

Although we’re in the final month of Christmas shopping craziness, make sure you have a list of everyone you’re getting gifts for. The more time you give yourself, the less likely you are to overspend at the last minute. Be sure to double check your list, and don’t feel bad if you only get gifts for those close to you. A nice, well-written card can be just as thoughtful. Be sure to use these Paper Source coupons and offers for any holiday cards you want to send.

D.I.Y. Gifts

An easy way to add some creativity and thoughtfulness to your gifts, or to supplement a smaller store-bought gift, are do-it-yourself gifts. If you’re not particularly crafty or don’t know what to make the recipient, you can never go wrong with food. Homemade cookies or other treats are always a big hit!

Share your skills

If you have a skill or trade you think others want to learn, try teaching. Online platforms like Skillshare make it easy to upload videos and tutorials to teach students. You earn revenue for every student who takes your class.

Get crafty

Have people commented on your homemade coasters or do you D.I.Y. great gifts every year? Try selling your crafts and homemade goods! You can start simple and make some cute greeting cards, illustrations or any other handmade items. Start by making small quantities, and make sure to use social media to get people to see what you’ve made.

P.S. If you’re in the market to buy handmade goods, be sure to check out these Etsy coupons for great deals.