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Save Money on All Your Office Needs and Raise Money for Charity

If you work for a large corporation or are just starting a business, every company needs money and office supplies. These companies will help you find enough pens to stock your office as well as print out the perfect brouchures.

What’s even better? These companies also benefit philanthropic organizations, from their local communities to national nonprofits. And as always, using Goodshop coupons lets you donate even more money to a cause of your choice. (And Gumdrop by Goodshop gets these deals to you even faster.) So start shopping to get some great deals and give back!

Office Depot & OfficeMax

The name says it all. Office Depot has everything from break room items to ink and everything in between. The company also supports a wide range of initiatives from environmental responsibility to diversity in the workplace and more. Be sure to save money using these Office Depot coupons, offers and deals.


Another company dedicated to office supplies, Staples has a wide variety to offer. What’s also impressive is the company’s dedication to their community, the environment and equality in the workforce. You can support these efforts by shopping with these Staples coupons and deals while also donating to a similar cause of your choice.

Zuma Office Supply

Zuma Office Supply helps you save money on products like Avery labels, Sharpies and Post-It notes. Bonus? They also donate a minimum of half their profits to charities. On top of that you can donate a portion of what you spend to another nonprofit of your choosing shopping with Zuma Office Supply coupons and offers.


Deluxe Business Products

From personalized printed products to logo design and search engine marketing, Deluxe works to deliver the products and services to help your business grow. You can help the company support small business growth by shopping their products with these Deluxe coupons, offers and deals.


Need new business cards for all your hardworking employees? Vistaprint offers top notch printing services along with other marketing materials. The company is focused on supporting small businesses, their local communities and offers their products at discounted prices to philanthropic groups. Additionally you can get several deals when you use these Vistaprint coupons to donate part of your order to a nonprofit.