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Simple Tips for Thanksgiving Holiday Outfits

T-minus two days until turkey day! You want to be comfortable and stylish this holiday, no matter what you’re doing. From big family dinners to casual hangouts with friends, this is no easy feat.

But have no fear! We have all the styling tips you’ll need, from the big meal to laying around afterwards plus all the savings you could want!

The Journey Home

If you’re heading from California to Chicago or just for a two-hour drive, comfort is key for any holiday traveling. Stretchy jeans or even leggings are perfect for sitting down for a while. Add a basic t-shirt to be casual yet stylish. Skip necklaces or earrings, as you may have to take them off through airport security. Opt for flats or stylish sneakers that are comfortable to walk in and easy to take on and off.

But be sure to grab a scarf or wrap on your way out! A scarf will help keep you comfortable in any situation. Check out these cute scarves with these Gap coupons, offers and deals to save some money.

Hometown Friends

The holidays are a great time to meet up with old friends. Stick to casual basics, like jeans and a sweater, that you can dress up with accessories. Look for a fun necklace or a bold bag for a pop of color. The accessories from Francesca’s are great and you can save some cash with these coupons and deals.

Meal Time

Are your family holiday dinners fancy or more casual? No matter the situation, a simple tee dress is a great option. You can dress it up or down with the right accessories and wear it again for different outings or occasions! If it’s cold where you are, add a sweater and tights. Pair the dress with heels for a fancy dinner party, or dress it down with knee high boots. Check out the tee dresses available using these Lulu’s coupons and offers.

Shopping Day

Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday shopping season! Whether you’ll be taking part in the craziness of Black Friday or saving money from the comfort of your own couch on Cyber Monday, you’ll want a stylish shopping outfit. Go for comfortable shoes again, and casual jeans and a t-shirt. (Or a dress if you’re trying clothes on. It’s easier to change in and out of!)

Bring your own tote bags or a large handbag that you can fit most of your purchases in. You won’t waste paper and it will look trendy. Win win! You can save money on tote bags with these CafePress coupons, offers and deals.

How are you planning on spending your holiday? What do you bring to wear?