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Target Photo Christmas Gifts

Thoughtful gifts tick all the boxes for Christmas no matter who they are for. Personalized gifts show the time, effort, and consideration and make the gift truly special. The good news is that when you get your personalized gift created with Target Photo, you get a professional standard. 

They use professional printing tools and high-quality materials to create custom gifts and items. Target Photo is the perfect place for personal Christmas gifts and Christmas-themed items to decorate your store and wow your customers with. 

Thanks to in-demand printing, you can have personalized gifts and products created in time for the Christmas season. 

Christmas cards at Target Photo 

One of the best and most popular items to get from Target Photo this Christmas is holiday cards. Personalized Christmas cards are a great way to send out your well-wishes and update your family and friends with a new picture of your own family. 

It’s fast and incredibly easy to create your own Christmas card. You can customize the Super Happy Custom Photo Christmas Card if you have a lot of photos you want to share with your card. Also, go for something more classic, like the Merry Holiday Season Custom Photo Card or the Stars Custom Photo Card

You can customize all of these photo cards so that they reflect your taste and best highlight your family. 

These personalized cards are a great way to invite friends, family, or coworkers to your Christmas party. Prices can be as low as $0.99 or less per card, making them a great way to get your photos printed and your cards sent all at once. 

Wall photo prints for Christmas 

Give a loved one a beautiful print of their family this Christmas from Target Photo. Depending on their style and what suits the photo best, you can have a print, canvas, metal print, and more done. Some low-quality pictures would not suit huge canvases. 

Don’t just get family photos printed, either. If your loved one is a photographer or artist, then you can get their work professionally printed to be hung up on their wall. The same applies if you are the artist and your loved one loves your work. 

For the best products, you will want to have them framed. Framed canvas prints are the complete package and how you will create the most beautiful wall print gift this Christmas. 

Personalized photo books for Christmas 

If you want something that packs a big punch, consider making a photo book. Photo books have replaced photo albums and can be incredibly thoughtful this Christmas. 

You can create a personalized photo book for your partner that outlines all the highlights of your year. Photo books come in 6×8, 8.5×11, and 12×12. You will have 20 pages standard and the option to add extra pages (maximum 60 pages). Choose from gloss, premium, acid-free, and archival quality paper. 

With so many options, you can create a beautiful family album. If your loved one is a visual artist, create a stunning coffee table photo book of their art. 

Personalized Christmas products for businesses

Target Photo isn’t just a great place to shop for your loved ones. If you operate a business, there are many ways that you can spruce up your store or office for the season at Target Photo. 

From a company Christmas card to printing off custom framed canvas prints, personalizing your office and your store with real, authentic visuals is a great way to draw in customers and improve the company culture. Get a series of Christmas-themed items, and you can properly ring in the season for your team. 

How to save when shopping at Target Photo this Christmas 

On-demand printing has meant that personalized gifts are now affordable. Though Target Photo offers a wide range of affordable gifts, you will always want to use these tips to help you increase your savings. 

Shop two weeks in advance 

When shopping for Christmas, remember to get your order in at least two weeks before Christmas. You can get your order in less than four days, but you will need to pay for rush shipping to get your order that fast. This is the most expensive shipping option. 

The cheapest shipping option, economy, takes up to 12 business days to deliver. By shopping at the start of December, you should get your gift on time and save on shipping costs 

Remember to apply the discount code

To get the discount or promotion at Target Photo, you will need to actively apply the discount. This is easy to do. 

  1. Find the coupon code you want to use. You can find the code here, on the Target Photo site, or in your inbox if you choose to subscribe to the Target Photo newsletter. 
  2. Copy the coupon code. 
  3. Go to your cart. 
  4. Go to the bottom of the page. 
  5. Click on the “Apply Discount Code” link. A box will drop down. 
  6. Enter the code into this box. 
  7. Click “Apply Discount.” 
  8. If you want to change the discount, click “Cancel Coupon” and repeat steps 5 through 7. 
  9. Check out. 

Sign up for personalized promotions 

Creating an account with target means that you can sign up for free to Target Circle. Target Circle is Target’s loyalty program. You will get special members-only discounts and promotions once you sign up. Remember to sign up for updates from Target Photo, specifically for personalized promotions to Target Photo.