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Unexpected Summer Getaways That Won’t Break the Bank

We may be right at the beginning of April but now is the time to start planning those summer trips. Figuring out when you can go and where you want to go are two of the three biggest concerns. The third? Figuring out if the entire trip is affordable.

Fortunately there are amazing places to travel while on a budget. We’ve listed our top cheap (but still awesome) choices and how you can save money while there.

Albufeira, Portugal

If you’re looking for a European getaways, head for Albufeira. The city boasts a beautiful climate, fabulous beaches, inexpensive apartment-style hotels and a central location. There’s even a charming Old Town with traditional Portuguese streets and plazas. With extremely reasonable prices for both food and wine (be sure to sample the wines of Portugal while there!), Albufeira is a city you should check out.


Want an unexpected trip that will make all your friends jealous? Try Zanzibar, an island located just off the coast of Tanzania in Africa. Flights from the mainland are typically less than $100, but you can also take the ferry for only $35. If you want to splurge on your lodging, there are luxury resorts to choose from. But you can also find Airbnb’s for quite cheap, some located right on the beach.

The Cook Islands

The Cook Islands are everything you’d want in an island getaways – lush tropical beauty, vibrant reefs and a Polynesian vibe that is both traditional and modern. Take your pick of where to stay; there are reasonably-priced luxury resorts as well as Airbnbs. The largest island, Rarotonga or “Raro,” has plenty to offer, from shopping, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, coffee shops and even a Friday night party bus. The island is easily accessible by bus and you can easily see the entire island in a day.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

For a more local trip, check out Santa Fe. The ideal getaways for nature lovers, spa seekers and art enthusiasts alike, this southwestern city offers something for everyone. Did you know the city is the oldest capital in the United States? Check the Santa Fe Tourism Office calendar for events and festivals, as well as historic walking tours. Or rent a car to take day trips to Taos and Chimayo, or go hiking at Bandelier National Park. Take in all the history and culture there is to offer.

Are you planning a trip this summer? Where will your travels take you? Share your trips with us!