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Upcoming Target Photo Sales

Target Photo is the ultimate destination for personalized and customized gifts. Bring your art to life or share a special memory by printing it on various products for your home. Target Photo offers personal prints, metal prints, printed mugs, passport photos, phone cases, canvas prints, blankets, oven mitts, and so much more. 

Personalized gifts embody thoughtfulness, but often when people personalize items, they come with a higher price tag. We know how important it is to save on every purchase, and to help, we have put together the complete list of upcoming sales and promotions that you can expect at Target Photos throughout the year. 

Are there seasonal sales at Target Photo? 

No. There are no seasonal, mid-season, or end-of-season sales at Target Photo. This is because products are all made to order using a direct publishing system that is largely automated. As the item is custom-made, there are no seasonal products to go on discounts or end-of-line discounts to benefit from. 

Though there are no seasonal sales at Target Photo, you can still save regularly throughout the year. To stay up to date on when there are sales at Target Photo, sign up for the newsletter. 

Are there holiday sales at Target Photo? 

Sales may occur alongside big sale holidays. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great examples of when you can expect promotions to begin at Target Photo. Though these sale periods may coincide with promotions at Target Photo, they are not the only time you can get a deal. Target Photo has promotions on its products throughout the year for short periods at a time. Stay informed via the newsletter to get the best deals.

Where can I see the latest sales at Target Photo? 

There are three main locations where you can find and keep up to date with the latest sales and promotions at Target Photo. 

The first is in your inbox. Sign up for an account on Target or Target Photo and subscribe to the Target Photo newsletter. Target Photo may give you gifts, special personalized discounts, notifications of new promotions, and more. 

The second place to check for coupons and discount codes is right here. We keep track of all the latest promotions and discounts codes available at Target Photo to make it easy to explore all the available discounts and coupon codes in one place. 

The third place to check for the latest sales and coupons is on the Target Photo website. At the very top of the page, you will see a promotion and a button that says “Details & Promotions” next to it. Clicking this link will open a pop-up box with a list of the available coupon codes. Typically you cannot combine coupons. Target Photo will display all exclusions and rules on a pop-up. 

Can I get personalized coupons and discounts? 

Yes. Signing up for the newsletter and an account on Target Photo will mean getting special members-only discounts and promotions. Instead of a promotion, you may get a free gift instead. 

If you already have a Target account, you do not need to create a new account on Target Photo. Instead, log in to Target Photo with your Target account credentials. You will have control over which newsletters and offers you receive. Make sure to enable emails from Target Photo to get Target Photo members-only discounts. 

What are the best deals at Target Photo? 

The best deals at Target Photo include: 

  • 50% off sitewide transaction code.
  • 60% off photo print product code.
  • 60% off photo towels product code. 
  • 60% off photo blankets product code.
  • 60% off photo books product code.
  • 60% off custom cards product code. 

You cannot combine coupons or deals. You can only use one coupon per checkout. In cases where Target Photo products in the 60% promotion cost more than the 60% promotion qualifying products, you will want to use the 50% off sitewide transaction code. Always apply the best discount to any transaction by comparing the costs. Add the coupon code to the coupon code box to calculate the total. If you think it could be lower with another coupon, cancel this one and try it out. 

How long do these sales last? 

These sales last for long periods. You will see exactly when the sale ends on the website. Usually, they last for months at a time. When they end, you can expect a new sale period to begin. The difference is the product codes. 

Why isn’t the discount applied at checkout? 

Most of the time, when you see sale discounts on a website, the discount is applied to the product or at checkout. At Target Photo, this discount is not immediately applied. To get the discount, you must enter the discount code at checkout. 

To enter the code, go to your basket. Before you proceed to checkout, go to the bottom of your basket, and you will find “Apply Discount Code”. Click on this, and a box will drop down to display where you can enter your discount code. To apply the discount, enter the code and then click “Apply Discount.” 

If you want to change the code, click “Cancel Coupon” at the bottom of the page and repeat the process.  

Should I buy a product at full price? 

Since the sales are so long and there is the option to get members-only deals at Target Photo, you are better off waiting and being patient. Personalized gifts cannot go out of stock because they are made in demand and unique to you when buying them, unlike other retailers.