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Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Kids and Their Classmates

Whether you love or hate the holiday, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. (Tomorrow actually.) Some people think the holiday is nothing more than a Hallmark corporate day while others simply want to tell the people in their life how much they love them.

For kids though the holiday is simply for celebrating candy, chocolate and their teachers and classmates. What’s more fun than that? We have some great gift ideas for the kids in your life, and ones they can share with their friends!

Chocolate covered strawberries

These are a fun treat to make with your little ones, and they can make extra if they want to bring a sweet treat in to school. Plus they get a serving of fruit! You can find bright pink, red and white Wilton candy melts for the chocolate at Michaels. Be sure to use these Michaels coupons, offers and deals to save money.

Valentine’s cootie catchers

Who doesn’t remember trying to predict the future with handmade paper cootie catchers in elementary school? Use colored papers and have your child write fun, nice messages to their classmates. Cootie catchers are fun to play with, and your child will also bring cards for their classmates! You can find colored paper using these Staples coupons, offers and deals on Valentine’s.

Emoji stickers

Speak their language of love with love related emoji stickers. You can get a sheet of emoji hugs and kisses stickers they can use all year long. Be sure to use these Paper Source coupons and offers to get a great deal.

Creative cards

Cards are an easy gift for kids to bring to their class, and they can personalize them. Look for more creative cards, whether they’re scratch-n-sniff, airplanes or punny. Zazzle has cute fortune cookie cards. You can find them and save money using these Zazzle coupons, offers and deals.