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Where Can You Get Free Shipping?

You’re shopping online and keeping an eye on the prices of everything you add to your cart. You think you’re doing fine and staying on (or under) budget, when you get to checkout and the price skyrockets. All because of shipping costs.

Free shipping is the holy grail of online shopping. But it’s out there, so long as you know where to look. We’ve listed a few retailers who offer free shipping, as well as what to look for with a retailer’s shipping policies.

No Minimum






$25 Minimum


-Barnes & Noble


-Office Depot

$50 Minimum


-L.L. Bean

-Old Navy


Shipping Policies

Whenever you shop online (which is probably a lot, especially if you use Goodshop coupons,) always check out the retailers shipping policies. Some things to look out for:

-Exclusions. Certain products may exclude your order from qualifying for free shipping.

-Delivery speed. Many stores offer two-day or standard shipping. Standard takes longer to arrive but is often the cheaper or free option.

-Membership. If you have a membership with a store, check if you get shipping. For example, Amazon Prime customers receive free two-day shipping.