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Zales Christmas Sales

Zales is an affordable destination for fine jewelry and diamonds. Shop guilt-free and with confidence knowing that the stunning diamonds available at Zales are lab-manufactured. This is how you save so much shopping at Zales compared to other jewelers. The savings don’t stop there. Zales offers many big sales throughout the year to help you increase your savings and enjoy bigger deals. 

Jewelry is a great gift idea for anyone. With a range of styles for men and women, you can really wow your loved ones this Christmas. 

Although Zales offers beautiful pieces at every budget, to save more and stretch your budget further, we have put together the ultimate Zales Christmas Sales guide and how you can save even more every day. 

Does Zales have a Christmas sale? 

Yes. Zales has many sales in the lead-up to Christmas. You can get your shopping in early by shopping the Black Friday sales, or you can save during the Winter Jewelry Sale. 

Black Friday Sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday mark the start of the Christmas season for many people, given they occur straight after Thanksgiving. Find huge deals during the Black Friday sales at Zales and can start your Christmas shopping early. 

Expect Black Friday Specials where you can save up to 50% off select lines. Wait for Cyber Monday, and you can find 30% to 50% off of everything. Typically these sales get extended right to the end of November so that you can jump on those early deals and get your Christmas shopping all wrapped up with time to spare. 

Winter Jewelry Sale 

Zales often hosts a winter jewelry sale starting in the first half of December. During this sale, you’ll find extended cyber Monday specials extended as well as huge discounts on products across the store. Expect up to 50% off products when shopping at Zales during this time. 

The sale typically lasts right up until the 23rd. The good news is that the savings don’t end here. Last Christmas Eve, there was an extra 20% off storewide promotion.

Does Zales have an after-Christmas sale? 

Yes. Zales offers big discounts throughout December and into January. If you didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas or were thinking about making a New Year’s Eve proposal, then there are some very big deals to be had after the Christmas period. 

Also, expect a flash sale following Boxing Day, which lasts all week, and clearance sales that allow you to take an additional 20% off select styles. Zales typically has a Bridal Sale at the start of the new year so that you can save on engagement and wedding rings. 

How long do Zales sales last? 

Always check how long sales last. The Winter Jewelry sale lasts until the 23rd, but Flash Sales only last a few days while stocks last. 

What other ways can I save at Zales? 

Zales is a great choice for luxury jewelry because it offers many ways to save every day. Try out the following: 

  1. Add coupons and promotions before checkout 

Always check here for any coupons or additional promo codes that you can add to your basket before you checkout. This takes just a few extra moments and could potentially save you big on your total. Zales has so many sales and promotions that it can be hard to keep track of even if you subscribe to their newsletter. By checking here first, you never run the risk of missing out on an easy deal. 

  1. Shop Zales Outlet 

Another easy way to save every day is to shop at the Zales Outlet store. Zales Outlet has a website and several locations across the country. You can shop for less by looking at Zales Outlet first. At Zales Outlet, you can find surplus stock for less, clearance items, closeout items, and pre-loved items. Pre-loved items get professionally cleaned and repaired. 

All of these products offer you an excellent way to save. You can save massively on even luxury items like Rolexes or engagement diamond rings by shopping through the pre-loved section online. Also, save by shopping discontinued items, last season’s styles, and surplus stock. 

The clearance, closeout, and pre-loved collections are available to shop every day. To get even bigger discounts, wait for a clearance sale that allows you to take a further discount off of clearance items or pre-loved items. This way, get a great quality item for much less. 

  1. Pick up your jewelry instead of having it delivered 

Zales typically has low delivery fees. The exception is when you need expedited, express, or same-day delivery. To save, choose pickup instead of delivery. It is free to have your purchases shipped to your nearest Zales store. This great way to save is ideal if you are worried that you miss the delivery of your order. 

  1. Spread out the cost of your jewelry 

Though this doesn’t always help you save on the bottom line, you can make your jewelry purchase easier by spreading the cost between multiple payments. You can do this through Affirm, as a Zales Diamond cardholder, and through the leasing program. The first two options allow you to spread out the retail price of your item for 0% interest so long as you pay back your purchase before the promotional period ends. The leasing program does cost more, but it can be a great alternative if you don’t qualify for Affirm or a credit card.