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8 Essentials to Ensure Your Independence Day Goes Off with a Bang

If there’s one thing Americans are best at, it’s how to party on the 4th of July. It’s a day when children eat candy, adults drink champagne, and everyone watches the pretty lights soar through the sky, with a chorus of ‘wows!’ and ‘oohs!’ following suit.

The last thing you want when the day rolls around is to realize you have forgotten an Independence Day essential. To make sure your 4th July celebration is one that you never forget, be sure to stock up on these essentials.

Tickets for Your Trip

Staying home for Independence Day is nice, but going away makes for a truly memorable experience. There are plenty of incredible firework shows going on all around the country, and many are worth seeing with your own eyes! Grab yourself and your family some traveling tickets, pack your bags, and experience the 4th of July that you’ll never forget. The Macy’s 4th July fireworks in New York are always special! If you want to experience lots of lights, shows, and fireworks, Las Vegas always has multiple events.

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Ingredients for an American Feast

The 4th of July is the best time to gather your friends and family to host a backyard cookout. Look out for delicious American recipes that will go down a treat all around. You could make classic American burgers, serve hot dogs with all the favorite condiments, or even bake a blueberry pie! However, this is a lot of effort and takes away precious moments of relaxing, so why not make a change this year, and have all your dishes delivered right to your door instead with a Fresh Meal Plan. That way, you don’t have to worry about rushing around the grocery store trying to find ingredients to make all the food you love. Get meals delivered straight to your door.

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Stock Up on Candy

It is not every day you can gorge yourself on candy, so you might as well make the most of it on Independence Day! Don’t choose any old candy, though – go for the American classics like tootsie roll midges and saltwater taffy. It’s the kind of candy that instantly transports you back to your childhood. For once, the adults will eat as much candy as the kids!

Consider buying candy in the theme of America, too, with these Gummi Freedom Bears. With red, white, and blue, they make the perfect candy for the celebration of the United State’s independence. Either serve them at your gathering or, if you’re heading to someone else’s get-together, they make the perfect 4th July gift!

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A Celebratory Bottle (or 2)

Once you’re full up on candy, there’s one thing that’s needed– a celebratory bottle to pop at the same time the fireworks lift off!

This 4th of July, celebrate in style by getting an elegant bottle of chardonnay to share with your friends or family. Once poured, you can make a toast to the freedom of America. Finish with a round of ‘cheers’ and enjoy the delicate taste of a freshly opened bottle.

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Party Poppers

No plans to see fireworks this year? No worries – you can still enjoy that legendary firework ‘bang’ without having to light a firework. All it takes is stocking up on some party poppers!

Party poppers are a great addition to any 4th July party, as they are safe and fun, and even the kids can pop them. Go a step further by choosing your party poppers in the colors of the American flag. When the blue, red, and white pop out, you will truly feel like you’re celebrating Independence Day as it should be – with a nod to the country’s freedom.

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Plenty of Soda

Soda is an essential part of any 4th July event – especially ones that have kids running around! Even if it’s an adults-only event, you want to accommodate the non-drinkers. Plus, who doesn’t love a sweet glass of soda from time to time?

This 4th of July, make your soda extra special by getting a soda stream maker. With this awesome device, add bubbles to any drink you want! Get as creative as you like – possible even by making three drinks in the colors red, blue, and white. It is sure to go down a treat with guests of any age.

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Lounging Furniture

Not every 4th of July requires a trip out of state or running around all day. Sometimes, the best celebrations are those that allow you to sit back, relax, and take in the festivities. The best way to do that? By investing in superior lounging furniture.

Whether you’ve grown older in years or are ready for a day of rest, spend Independence Day relaxing by the pool or in your backyard with a brand-new Chaise Lounge. Watch the fireworks light up the sky, or the kids run around while you sip on your champagne and eat your fill.

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Hiking Gear to Take in the American Views

One of the best ways to make the most of Independence Day is to appreciate one of America’s finest offerings – its incredible nature. The United States has plenty of outstanding places of beauty, so get out there this 4th of July and take in those epic views. Not only are the views beautiful, but it gives you and your family a bit of breathing room from each other!

Even if you’re not a seasoned hiker, many hiking trails are made for beginners. Remember to bring all the essentials like a mountain hiker kit, though. Even if it’s an easy trail, preparation is essential!

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With so many ways to celebrate the 4th of July, it’s hard to list everything you might need. With these 8 essentials, though, you are sure to have a day that goes down in history. Enjoy the occasion!