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How to Be More Nostalgic This 4th of July

Independence Day is right around the corner. It’s a time for patriotism, delicious food, fireworks, and, of course, great company. The question is, how do you make this year stand out? How can you be even more nostalgic than usual?

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make your 4th July more nostalgic than ever. From the traditional backyard cookout to an old-school bottle of Coca-Cola, here are some of the best ways to appreciate America’s history on this Independence Day.

Sip on a Classic Bottle of Cola

There is nothing like sipping on a cold, fresh bottle of coca-cola when the sun is out and the holidays are in full swing. Glass bottles are not the standard for cola these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get hold of them! Prepare early by placing an order for coca-cola bottles and enjoy the taste just as you did as a child.

If you’re heading to a friend or family event, take these personalized Coca-Cola bottles for a nostalgic gift that everyone will love. 

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Enjoy a Day by the Lake

One of the greatest American family traditions is heading to a lake and enjoying a day of splashing, fishing, and boating. It is often pushed to the side these days, so take back the tradition by packing your bags and bonding by the water.

There are plenty of ways to keep the kids entertained by the lake that don’t involve smartphones or tablets. Play some music on your speakers while you teach your children how to fish with a rod designed for kids. Or, get your goggles out and go snorkeling to see what cool fish you can spot. If you really want to feel nostalgic, teach your kids the tradition of boating by taking them out on the lake and showing them the ropes. Not only will they love it, but they’ll also learn invaluable skills. 

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Have a Backyard Cookout

Over the years, many celebrations have become more epic and convoluted. Instead of a simple family gathering, people want to travel all over the states or throw the biggest party ever for the 4th of July. While they are excellent ways to celebrate, sometimes, it’s best to strip everything back and celebrate in a classically simple manner.

This 4th of July, throw an intimate and relaxing gathering in your backyard with lots of delicious BBQ food and amazing company – just like how you used to. You could make burgers and hot dogs while showing off a spread of yummy chips and watermelon. Sometimes, simple and traditional is the best way.

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Play a Game of Baseball

4th July is the best opportunity for playing America’s greatest and most traditional sports – including baseball. It’s a sport that’s known and loved all over the country, so invest in high-quality batting gloves and show the younger ones how it’s done. 

A little too old or tired for running around and catching balls? No worries – you can still enjoy the traditional game by watching the kids play while you sit back in this Deluxe Stadium Chair. Crack open a beer, sit back, and watch the younger ones keep America’s greatest sporting tradition alive.

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An Evening in the Backyard

By the time the evening comes around on the 4th of July, most adults are tired and longing for a cold drink and relaxing conversation. You don’t have to party hard for a boost of nostalgia this year – instead, set up a fire pit in your backyard and reminisce about all the incredible 4th of July days that have been and gone. You surely have some riveting stories to tell!

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Go on a Picnic

For many years, families have enjoyed a beach picnic on Independence Day. It’s a simple but enjoyable way to take in America’s beautiful scenery while bonding with the family. It would be an especially great option if you used to do it as a kid, as you’ll instantly feel that hit of nostalgia!

Get a luxurious picnic basket for 6 to make sure you have everything you need for the perfect 4th of July. Once the sun goes down, enjoy the fireworks in the distance before setting off home to rest.

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Take the Family Camping

Camping is a true American tradition. There are so many great places to camp, after all! This 4th of July, bring your sense of adventure by taking the whole family camping in this 4-person tent. Search for some of the best firework displays in the country and pitch up your tent nearby to experience incredible views.

Not feeling like a trip? You can still camp in your backyard! Roast some marshmallows, get the rolling mats out, and sleep under the stars to feel just like you did as a kid.

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Organize a Charity Event

This 4th of July, give back to your country by donating to charity. Not only does it make you feel great, but it does a world of good for people in need. You could even go a step further and set up a charity event with your friends and family to raise money for a cause that means a lot to you. Plan some party games, bake some cakes, or host a cookout to enjoy the 4th of July while doing something good.

One of the best charities to give to during Independence Day is Disabled American Veterans. Giving to the ones who fought for the country makes sense when celebrating the independence of America!

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Build a Fireworks Show

Can’t make it to a firework show this year? Instead of traveling out, put on your own show with Fireworks Supermarket. Impress your friends and family by lighting the biggest and brightest fireworks around to light up the sky.

Once the last firework has flown, you can gather around with drinks and food to look back on such a nostalgic and intimate 4th of July.

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