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8 Gifts to Shower Your Dad with Appreciation and Thanks

Every dad needs to know they are appreciated from time to time. When was the last time you called yours just to say hello and hear a bad dad joke? When did he last open a gift from you that truly had a lot of thought put into it? If you can’t quite remember, now is the time to come up with an amazing gift idea that he will truly cherish.

When you want to celebrate Father’s Day and show him how much he means to you, consider giving him one of these eight unique gifts. Don’t forget to use Goodshop’s coupons to make gift-giving even lighter on the wallet!

1: Event Tickets

Some of the best birthday gifts or Christmas gifts are those that create a memory, so why not do the same for Father’s Day? While he might enjoy receiving a new book or a fresh aftershave gift set, he is more likely to remember a gift that he experiences. So, if you want to wow your dad or stepdad with an incredible present, get him tickets to an event that he’ll remember forever.

Maybe there’s an upcoming concert with his favorite artist, or perhaps he’s always wanted to see a  comedian live. Ticketweb has a wide range of tickets to various events, so choose one that will get him really excited. Not only will it make a great gift, but it’s also an opportunity to spend more time with him! You could even treat him to a high-quality merchandised t-shirt when you are there to turn it into the perfect gift.

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2: Luxury Slippers

Every dad needs a good pair of comfy slippers. They provide comfort when he’s wandering around the house, ensuring his feet stay cozy and supported. Don’t pick up any old slippers, though – choose bestseller luxury ones like the Ted Baker Suede Slippers.

Want to take it a step further? If you truly want to shower your dad with love and appreciation this Father’s Day, fill the luxury slippers with his favorite treats! That might include pampering products, snacks, a thank you card to highlight that he is the best dad, and other little items that he loves. Use the slippers like you would a gift box or basket, and his face will look like a kid at Christmas. It is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give.

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3: A Restaurant Booking 

Does your dad already have everything he could possibly want? If you like the idea of gifting an experience rather than a physical item, treat him to his favorite restaurant. With Father’s Day coming up, it makes the perfect opportunity to spend time together while enjoying a delicious meal!

Not sure what sort of restaurant your dad will want to go to? No problem – you can purchase a restaurant gift card for your dad to use as he pleases. Not only is it a gift of food (which everyone loves), but it’s also a present that involves a wonderful evening out.

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4: A Personalized Father’s Day Book

What about something a little more personal with DIY at its core? This personalized Father’s Day book can say “I love you” within its pages. Fill it to the brim with memories, photographs, a thank you note, and little drawings to bring a tear to his eye as soon as he opens the first page. It will make for a Father’s Day he doesn’t forget any time soon!

Dad will love this keepsake on Father’s Day, but he will also cherish it far down the line than he would do a gadget. One day, your dad will search through old boxes, only to discover this little personalized book. He’ll be flooded with memories and joy as soon as he lays his hands on it. It’s not just a gift you can pick up at any old store – it’s a time capsule of your memories together. It is perfect for a dad who needs to know how much you appreciate them.

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5: A Mini Vacation

Everyone needs a vacation from time to time, even if it’s only a mini one. Has your dad not been away for months or even years? If so, show him how much he deserves a break by gifting him a mini vacation. Book an Airbnb for him in a place that he’s always wanted to visit, and he will love getting the chance to get away from the busy world. You could go with him and make it a weekend of bonding! This appreciation gift could be perfect for making some new memories with all family members.

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6: A Room Remodel

It is common for people to put off home improvements. If your dad has been talking about sprucing up the kitchen, bathroom, or garage for some practical gift that he won’t be expecting!

Home Depot has a collection of packages to choose from, so you are sure to find one that will suit your dad’s desires. Maybe he wants a kitchen mosaic, or perhaps he wants a more organized garage. This unique gift idea will make it happen. It will be one of the best Father’s Day gifts you will have given.

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7: Throw a Party

Do you want this Father’s Day to be one that he never forgets? Throw him the coolest Father’s Day party with all the family to show him that he is the best dad ever. You can show your love by grilling up his favorite foods, getting his favorite beers in, and putting on a playlist that’ll make him tap his feet!

For decoration, you could even go the extra mile with these Father’s Day beer bottle labels. Pick up his favorite beer and place the labels on it to make the day even more special. He may want to keep hold of the beer bottles as a memento!

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8: A Special Day Book

Was there a special day in your dad’s life, one that he will look back on forever? Perhaps there was a big sporting event that changed history, or maybe he fondly looks back on the day he became a father and earned a new best friend. Whatever day is most significant to your father, you can encapsulate that memory within the pages of this Special Day Book as a thank you gift for all he does.

In the style of the New York Times newspaper, this book contains headlines, photographs, articles, and more from that particular date. Personalize it to the day you want, and it will contain everything from that particular day. It will lock the day in your dad’s memory and serve as an extremely interesting gift that he won’t want to put down!

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