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The Best Ways to Celebrate Pi Day

Today is National Pi Day! Today is also Albert Einstein’s birthday! This global event promises plenty of opportunities to nerd out.

There are lots of ways to celebrate today, whether you plan to watch Life of Pi or eat lots actual pie. Get ready to honor the mathematical constant π and one of the world’s greatest minds.

Pi(e) Day

A lot of people celebrate today by eating pie. And why wouldn’t you want to feast out on a delicious slice of fresh baked goodness? Check out you local bakeries to see if there are any sweet deals you can score on a slice (or two.) Or gather up all the ingredients and have a pie bake off. Nobody will complain about having to eat delicious pies!

Of course the traditional dessert pie isn’t the only type of pie you should eat today. Grab a slice of pizza pie as the main course to your dessert pie, and your Pi Day celebration meal is set.

Geek Out

Of course today is also to celebrate the mathematical constant π . You can try to solve NASA’s “Pi in the Sky” challenge, which is a series of cosmic calculations for kids and adults. Be sure to also check if any local science museums have free or discounted admission today or the following weekend.

And for those of you who like to wear your math pride, you can get a free Sir Cumference Pi Day T-shirt at ThinkGeek.

Are you planning on celebrating today? What’s your favorite flavor of pie?