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Buy Now, Save Later: November Shopping Guide

The shopping season is upon us! Now that Halloween is behind us, November seems to unofficially mark the beginning of shopping madness. Between Black Friday, Goodshop Sunday and Cyber Monday, there will be plenty of deals and shopping to be done. But how do we know which items we’ll get the best deals on?

There are some surprising items that you can save money on and other popular holiday shopping items you may want to wait on. So fire up the Christmas playlist (it’s never too early), and get ahead of the crowds with these November shopping deals!

Winter Outerwear

Winter is coming so you’ll definitely want to stock up on sweaters, hats, gloves and more now. November sees even more discounted prices and there’s a good chance prices will increase in December before dropping again January. Check out the selection of winter weather gear using these Kohl’s coupons, offers and deals.


Cookware gets discounted this time of year with everyone preparing for their big holidays feasts and upcoming parties. Be sure to get new pots and pans in the next few weeks with these JCPenney coupons and deals for even more of a discount.

Wedding Dresses

You’re in luck if you’re recently engaged. November is a slow month for bridal retailers and if you purchase a gown now, there’s plenty of time to complete the critical alterations. You can get up to $150 off wedding dresses through November at David’s Bridal and save even more money with these David’s Bridal coupons, offers and deals.

Home Improvement

While most people are spending a large amount of their budgets on holiday shopping, many don’t think to spend on home improvement such as carpet installation or remodeling projects. But with demand down than in spring and summer, contractors may be willing to negotiate.

Wait on Toys

It may be tempting to get all of your holiday shopping out of the way now and cross everyone’s gifts off your list, but hold off on toys. The best deals typically happen in early December so wait until the last possible minute. In the meantime, you can bookmark these Toys R Us coupons and offers until it’s time to buy.

And Jewelry

Jewelry is another popular holiday gift but you’ll find more savings and discounts come January with Valentine’s Day sales. If you’re still looking for a sparkly bauble for someone special though, use these Kay Jewelers coupons, offers and deals to save money now.

We hope these tips help prepare you for the rest of the month and the shopping season ahead. As always, Goodshop is here to help your shopping needs as well as your wallet!