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How to Get Free Shipping at Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel is a favorite amongst Americans and a great destination when it comes to refreshing your home and décor. Shipping furniture, appliances, and many other home items often come at a high cost. The good news is that there is a way to get free shipping when shopping at Crate & Barrel. To help you save when shopping online, we have put together everything that you need to know about shipping at Crate & Barrel and how to save by avoiding shipping fees altogether. 

Can you get free shipping at Crate & Barrel? 

Yes. Crate & Barrel stocks thousands of items that they can ship for free to your door. You can find these items in the sale section. In the sale section, you can find the All Free Shipping category full of items that Crate & Barrel make available for free shipping. You can shop for barbecues, kitchenware, rugs and décor, bedding and linens, some furniture, some art, and more. The selection of items is massive and includes a little bit of everything so that you can get your Crate & Barrel order without any shipping costs to you. Check regularly to see the latest free shipping offers as products change. 

Can I get free shipping on the other items? 

No. Unless you have a specific coupon that covers shipping for the product you want to buy, or there is a special promotion, you cannot get free shipping unless it states “Ships Free” underneath the price. 

What are the standard shipping rates within the contiguous USA? 

If your address is within the contiguous United States, shipping starts at $4.95 and goes up from there. There is a set rate for orders until your order’s total is $220. 

Your totalStandard shipping (3-5 business days)Premium shipping (1-2 business days)Express shipping (next day delivery)
Up to $15.00$4.95$17.90$29.90
$15.01 – $25.00$6.95$19.90$31.90
$25.01 – $35.00$7.95$20.90$32.90
$35.01 – $45.00$8.95$21.90$33.90
$45.01 – $65.00$10.95$23.90$35.90
$65.01 – $95.00$13.95$26.90$38.90
$95.01 – $125.00$16.95$29.90$41.90
$125.01 – $145.00$19.95$32.90$44.90
$145.01 – $220.00$21.95$34.90$46.90
$220.01+10% of your total$12.95 premium shipping fee plus 10% of your total
$24.95 Express shipping fee plus % of your total

What are the shipping rates for Hawaii, Alaska, and U.S. Territories? 

As land shipping is not available for these destinations, the shipping fees differ. Similarly, the products available for free shipping differ if you are shopping from a non-contiguous state versus shopping from a contiguous state. 

Your TotalStandard (7-15 business days)Express (3-5 business days)
Up to $15.00$27.90$14.95
$15.01 – $25.00$29.90$16.95
$25.01 – $35.00$30.90$17.95
$35.01 – $45.00$31.90$18.95
$45.01 – $65.00$33.90$20.95
$65.01 – $95.00$36.90$23.95
$95.01 – $125.00$39.90$26.95
$125.01 – $145.00$42.90$29.95
$145.01 – $220.00$44.90$31.95
$220.01+$10 standard shipping fee plus 10% of your total$22.95 Express shipping fee plus 10% of your total

Will Crate & Barrel ship to PO Box Addresses? 

Yes. If your PO Box Address is inside the contiguous United States, Crate & Barel will ship your order to be with you within 4 to 9 business days if you select standard delivery or 2 – 3 days if you select premium. Express delivery is not available for PO addresses. If your address is outside the contiguous United States, Crate & Barrel will deliver your order to the PO Box Address between 3 to 5 business days for standard delivery. 

Will Crate & Barrel ship to FPO/APO Addresses? 

Yes. You can get your Crate & Barrel order delivered to FPO/APO addresses. You can only use standard delivery. There is no express, premium, or priority mail options. It takes 3 to 5 business days to deliver. They will deliver this to the U.S. containment delivery point. 

Can I send my order internationally? 

Yes. If your furniture order is $5000 or more, you may be able to get your order shipped internationally. There is no standard fee. You will need to complete the international order quote form and submit it for a custom quote to get your item shipped. 

If you are in Canada, make sure you shop from the Canadian Crate & Barrel website. This will allow you to place your order without international fees or shipping rates. 

Are there different fees if you ship by freight? 

Crate & Barrel offers freight delivery. For orders up to $450, the cost is $159. For orders between $450 and $750, the fee is $199. For orders over $750, the fee is $299. Freight delivery typically takes between 7 to 10 business days. There may be additional charges if the delivery location is not readily accessible. 

Can I get the furniture delivered to my home? 

Yes. You can get your furniture orders delivered directly to your home. The cost depends on whether your order is under $999 or over and how far away your address is from the nearest Crate & Barrel distribution point. 

Rates are $119 for orders under $999 within 100 miles from the shipping point and $329 for orders over. 

If your order is over $999, then you will pay $249 if your address is less than 100 miles of the shipping point, $329 if you are between 101 and 200 miles from a shipping point, and $399 if your address is 200 miles from your shipping point. The further away you are, the more it costs.