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Money Saving Tips and Tricks for Your Next Trip

You booked the cheapest flight, found a great hotel at a bargain and saved serious money on your wardrobe. You’re all set for your dream vacation!

But what about the money you spend while on vacation? Our trip expenses can add up between meals and tours to souvenirs. Fortunately you can keep saving money once you get to your destination. Follow these tips and you’ll return home with great memories and cash in your wallet!

Skip souvenirs

Rather than buying yet another snow globe or extra large t-shirt, be sure to take a lot of photos. Then when you get home you can make a scrapbook or photo album. Be sure to use these Snapfish coupons, offers and deals to save money on your photos.

AirBnB vs Hostels

It’s great to have so many options of where to stay when you’re traveling. While hotels are more traditional, AirBnB and hostels have their advantages too. Be sure to do plenty of research beforehand. Fortunately you can save money on any hostel using these Hostelworld coupons, offers and deals before you book.

Bring a reusable water bottle

Instead of buying multiple plastic water bottles, bring your own. Not only will you save money you’ll also reduce your plastic waste. If you’re worried about the space a bottle may take up in your suitcase, try a collapsible water bottle. You can use these Uncommon Goods coupons and offers to save money on a water bottle that fits in your pocket. Or you can buy a traditional water bottle with a trendy print using these S’well coupons and deals.

Use old school maps

If you’re renting a car, don’t spend extra money on a GPS. You can purchase a paper version of a map (super retro and old-school, we know.) I like to keep maps of where I’ve been to then use as décor in my home. Or, if you have enough data on your phone, you can use Google Maps or save the map to use in out-of-service areas.

Do you have any trips coming up? How do you plan to save money while on vacation? Share your tips and tricks with us!