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How to Prep for the First-Ever School Day

Is your child starting school for the very first time?

If yes, you are probably feeling excited, nervous, and stressed all at the same time.

While we can’t help you with first-day nerves (either for you or your child!), we can make sure you’ve got everything you need to make it through this major milestone.

From first-day school supplies to educational toys, reading books to organizational kits, read on to discover everything you need to prep for their first-ever day at school.

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Label their belongings

You will be surprised at just how easy it is for your child to lose many of their belongings on their first day. Avoid replacing essential items such as their coat, lunchbox, and water bottle by labeling everything ahead of the big day.

If you are unsure what is the easiest way to label all their school stuff, then Label Your Stuff offers the perfect solution. Check out their school labels combo pack, which includes a bag tag, 100 small iron-on clothing labels, 64 mini waterproof labels, and 24 shoe labels.

They have all the labels you could possibly need for the school year!

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Try a dry run

The first day of school can be daunting for both you and your child, so it can be a good idea to do a trial run during the summer holidays so that everyone knows what to expect.

You can do many things at home to prepare your child for school, such as letting them practice getting dressed in their school clothes, getting them used to what might happen at school, and allowing them to eat lunch from their lunchbox.

We love this Wipe Clean First Letters Board that can help them learn about letters and numbers ahead of their first day. It could be the perfect way to prepare them and gives them a chance to get the best possible start.

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Read “First Day at School” Books

One of the reasons your child might be nervous about their first day is that they don’t know what to expect. Fortunately, there are many books that you can read to your child which can help to prepare them for their first foray into school and put their mind at rest.

One of our favorites is “Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten,” which tells the story of Miss Bindergarten getting her classroom ready for her 26 new students.

Available to purchase in paperback, this fun and informative book boasts colorful illustrations and catchy rhymes which your child is guaranteed to love.

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Pack spare clothes

Even if your child is already using the bathroom on their own, accidents can still happen, especially in a new environment such as school. Therefore, it can be a good idea to discreetly pack a spare pair of clothes in case your child needs them.

Rather than having to buy another school bag or rucksack for these items, why not use one of these eco-packing cube travel bags from Travel Bags Mall? Made from 100% recycled water bottles, you can help the environment and your child!

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Talk about their feelings

If you think your child is feeling anxious about their first day at school, then it is important that you take the time to sit down and talk to them about any concerns or worries they may have.

If you struggle to get your child to open up, these “How I’m Feeling” cards are just what you need to get them sharing about how they feel. Including 54 “How I’m Feeling” cards that feature open-ended sentences for them to complete, even the shyest child is likely to start sharing.

Suitable for children aged 5-12.

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Play with school-related toys

There are so many different elements to the school day that can be completely overwhelming for a young child. Luckily, a wide range of school-themed toys can help them get used to all the main elements of school life.

For example, this personalized Melissa & Doug wooden school bus toy is available at Lillian Vernon. Its design is gorgeous and will provide hours of fun for your kindergartener.

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Get them used to time apart from you

If you spend every waking moment with your child, you may find they struggle to be apart from you when they first start school. Avoid first-day tears by gradually getting them used to being away from you and in the company of others.

It doesn’t have to be all day at first. You can build up to that. A good way of spending a little time away is to go to the movie theaters with your partner or a friend. Organize a babysitter to look after your child during the day, so they can experience time away from you. If it’s the expense putting you off, then check out the amazing deals on offer at Bow Tie Cinemas. Plus, don’t forget you can use one of our promo codes for even bigger savings!

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Make the most of first-day photos

What parent can resist taking a first-day photo and plastering it all over social media for all their friends and family to see? Make the most of their first (and last day) photo of kindergarten with this super cute Chalkboard Set, which is both customizable and reusable, so you can get it out and use it every single school year!

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